Daily Graphic’s Edmund Smith Asante Wins Best Domestic Tourism Writer At GJA Awards

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The story “No pleasurable experience at La Pleasure Beach” by Edmund Smith- Asante of The Daily Graphic is a riveting article that takes a surgical dive into one of Accra’s most popular beach sites, La Pleasure Beach. Edmund presented his experience at the Beach hub in a manner that allowed for all readers to truly have a first seat feel of what transpired at the beach. Masterfully detailing each and every activity from arrival to departure from the beach, he left before us the grit and grime of what truly happens at La Pleasure Beach and although he concluded that there were no pleasurable experiences, It indeed was left to the readers to make that conclusive decision themselves.

His devoted time in this article is praiseworthy and allowed for him to be picked as the winner of the category of Domestic Tourism Writer at the 24th Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Awards held recently. It goes to show the recognition and affinity that many readers and journalists alike had with his article, most especially as it highlighted aspects of domestic tourism and aimed his publication at raising awareness for the proper handling and refining of our domestic tourist sites as these sectors single-handedly could make or unmake a vibrant tourist economy. The experienced journalist received his award amidst cheer and salutations as his article had received the expected support and acceptance that led to his big win in the first place.

Edmund Smith – Asante is the current acting Regional News Coordinator of the Daily Graphic.

He completed the Ghana Institute of Journalism in 1991 and has remained a journalist for 28 years. He was the Editor for The Independent newspaper and Founding Editor for the Ghanaian Observer. He also was the Assistant Online Editor for Ghana Business News, an online portal. He enjoys writing on issues concerning the environment, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), Tourism and generally on developmental issues. Edmund was born on December 14, 1965, and is happily married with two girls. A wondrous writer he is and his dedication to tourism and journalism shine true.

The Ghana Tourism Authority under the leadership of CEO, Akwasi Agyeman congratulates Mr Edmund Smith – Asante on his successful endeavour.

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