Fort Dorothea

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    Built by Brandenburgers, in 1685. Temporarily in Dutch hands in 1687-90. Given back to Brandenburgers, in 1698. Abandoned about 1709. In the hands of the Dutch, in 1712. Relinquished to the Brandenburgers in 1712. Sold to the Dutch, in 1718.



    In 1683, the Brandenburger Company built a lodge in Akwida, east of Cape Three Points in the Western Region of Ghana in 1683. According to Albert van Danzig, Fort Dorothea was originally built as a small triangular building. Situated on a promontory and the end of a peninsula between the mouth of the Suni River and the sea, it had much natural protection’ .

    The lodge was captured in 1690, and enlarged into a fort by the Dutch. It was renamed Fort Dorothea. It is currently preserved as a ruin.


    What to do

    Hike Fort Dorothea for a sneak peek into history. From the top of the Dorothea’s rounded rocky hill, you will enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area. Note: the land around the ruins of the fort is considered sacred ground, as it serves as a cemetery for the Akwidaa royal family. As such, you must seek permission before trekking to the site.


    Getting there

    Akwidaa is situated 12 km west of Dixcove, and 6 km east of Cape Three Points. It is a 30-minute drive from Dixcove, an hour’s drive from Agona, and one-and-a-half hours’ drive from Takoradi.

    By private vehicle:
    At Takoradi’s Kwame Nkrumah Roundabout, take the Airport Road exit, which is adjacent to the Goil petrol station. Drive for 30 minutes to the centre of Agona. At the roundabout in Agona, turn left, onto the road leading to Dixcove. At Dixcove, ask for directions to the Akwidaa road. Once you get on the Akwidaa road, drive straight on, passing through colourful villages, until you get to Old Akwidaa. To combine a trip to Akwidaa with a visit to Cape Three Points, it is best to use the Cape Three Points road.

    To get to Akwidaa on the Cape Three Points road: at Agona roundabout, get on the Dixcove road. After about 10 minutes, you’ll get to a junction on the right, with a few signs. There’s a small sign to Cape Three Points. Turn right, and drive straight on. At a point, where you enter the rubber plantation, you’ll come to a fork in the road. Take the left turn. Go straight. When you get to Akwidaa junction, veer left into Akwidaa.

    By public transport:
    At Takoradi, go to West End (near Tarkwa station, by the STC bus terminal), or go the Goil petrol station at Kwame Nkrumah Roundabout (also known as ‘Agip’ roundabout). Take a minibus (‘called tro-tro’) to Agona. At Agona, there are regular tro-tros and taxis to Akwidaa, via Dixcove.




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    Ezile Bay Village

    Green Turtle Lodge

    Safari Beach Lodge

    Ceto Self Catering


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