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  • Ghana Tourism Authority has launched the ‘Stay Home Know Ghana’ campaign with hashtag #StayHomeKnowGhana to engage the public as they stay home to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus.


    About #StayHomeKnowGhana

    Did you know you can stay home and still tour Ghana even under COVID-19?

    Yes, you heard right, Stay Home and Know Ghana.

    See Ghana in a digital lens from any part of the country now.

    All you need to do is to visit and see all the tourist sites with just a click.

    Kill boredom with this adventure now!

    Stay Home, Know Ghana!


    A. Online Contests

    1.Pictionary Contest:

    Participants identify images of attractions, Ghanaian symbols (adinkra) and artifacts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Games will be run on the GTA social media pages (@VisitGhanaNow and @GhanaTourismAuthority). Participants with the most correct answers will win a cash prize of 100gh and 2nd and 3rd will win Airtime.

    2. Know & Eat Ghana Contest:

    Participants will share 4 images of different Ghanaian dishes they have tasted. The picture with the most comments or Likes & RTs will win cash prize or Airtime.

    3. Stay Home, Wear Ghana Contest:

    Participants would show a ‘before and after’ picture of them in any normal clothing and switch up to their traditional Ghanaian clothing. This will showcase the different types of clothes from our various ethnic groups and their way of dressing. Participants are to talk about or promote their clothing in their status. Participants with the most views, likes and retweets will win cloth pieces from GTP etc and also cash prize of 200gh. Some notable Influencers will be leading this campaign.

    B. Radio Contests

    Partner radio stations will hold radio contests and award prizes to winners weekly.
    Partner radio stations include:
    Happy FM
    YFM Kumasi
    Citi FM
    YFM Accra
    Joy FM
    YFM Takoradi

    It’s time to discover Ghana with a different lens. You don’t have to travel now to know about or discover Ghana.




    Q 1. How long will it run?

    The campaign will run for April to May with the possibility of extension.

    Q 2. How does one participate?

    All one needs is to follow our handles (@VisitGhanaNow and @ghanatourimauthority on Facebook, Instagram and twitter and participate using hashtag #StayHomeKnowGhana.

    Also, listen to our partner radio stations and participate in live quizzes.


    Q 3. Are there rewards?

    Lovely prizes including cash and airtime to be sent electronically to winners. There will be surprise prizes from some of our partners.

    Q 4. Where does one get more information?

    Visit our website for more and follow us on social media FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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