Ghana Tourism Authority educates Ghanaians with Stay Safe, Know Ghana initiative



Ghana Tourism Authority educates Ghanaians with Stay Safe, Know Ghana initiative

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The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has launched the Stay Safe Know Ghana initiative.

Stay Home Know Ghana initiative

A follow-up of the Stay Home Know Ghana initiative, that seeks to inform, educate and entertain Ghanaians as we stay home to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Speaking about the initiative on Happy FM’s Happy Morning Show, with Samuel Eshun was the Head of Public Relations at GTA, Jones Nelson, “With the Stay Safe, Know Ghana campaign, one can log onto our platform, and to know more about tourist sites we have in Ghana. The campaign will last till the end of COVID-19 and we have drawn an extensive program for that. We have designed some packages to prevent boredom and have prizes to give out to participants through the various radio and social media contests that we will run,” he said.

Stay Safe Know Ghana

According to him, the campaign was launched by the GTA in partnership with the Ministries of Communication and Information, and a virtual application was also launched to support the initiative.Outlining some of the online contests that will help citizens see Ghana in a digital lens from any part of the country and also curb boredom in an adventurous way, Jones said,”Participants will win prizes by correctly identifying images of attractions, Ghanaian symbols (adinkra) and artifacts on the social media platforms of the GTA. The Stay Safe, Eat Ghana contest will also require participants to share pictures of different Ghanaian dishes they have tasted, where the ones with most comments or likes & retweets win cash prizes or airtime,” he said.

COVID-19 in Ghana

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Ghana and the closure of our borders, the tourism industry has grinded to a complete halt with some other sectors of the economy suffering losses.

Celebrities and Politicians Testing Positive

The virus, obviously, sees no difference between the rich and the poor, as even some celebrities and politicians have tested positive.

Closure of Hospitality centres

Restaurants and beaches, among other hospitality centers, are now allowed to operate, but are bound to see a depreciation in profit rate, as they cannot operate as effectively as would have in normal times.

Many plans for huge events have also been forced down the drain, with others that were already scheduled for later in the year, praying scared in all anticipation that the virus will vanish before time and profits will not be lost.

Beyond the Return

The Beyond the Return initiative, of the GTA, for instance, is likely to be ineffective this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: GTA Educating Ghanaians

However, the Ghana Tourism Authority is not being beat down by the pandemic, but rather, is leveraging on this opportunity to educate and revive the interest of Ghanaians in the industry while in the comfort of their homes.

Stay Safe Know Ghana Engaging the Public

The Ghana Tourism Authority has over the years introduced innovative ways of engaging and promoting tourism in Ghana. The #StayHomeKnowGhana campaign is one of such efforts to showcase and promote the Culture, Warmth, and Rhythm of the country.

To participate, the general public is urged to visit as we follow the GTA social media handle @VisitGhanaNow across FacebookInstagram and Twitter to participate in the various activities.