PAHM and UNESCO to launch the first ever Pan African Digital Museum

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This Thursday, 5th May will be a historic moment in African history especially for travel and tourism enthusiasts as #UNESCO collaborates with PAHM to launch the first ever Pan African Digital Museum in Accra.
The event coincides with the UNESCO-declared African World Heritage Day which is observed on 5th May of each year to celebrate the cultural and natural heritage of Africa.
This year, UNESCO is collaborating with the Pan African Heritage World Museum to launch a digital version of it’s Pan African Heritage Museum (PAHM) which is under construction at the Pomadze Hills, Winneba junction.
The launch of the #event will provide tourism and heritage enthusiasts an opportunity to unlearn and relearn the true history, culture, and heritage of #Africa right from the comfort of their homes – a chance to tour a world standard museum on your phone or computer.
Speakers include the UNESCO Representative in Ghana, Mr. Diallo Abdourahamane, the Minister of #Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dr Awal Mohamed, the Chairman, of the Pan African Heritage Museum Advisory Board, Prof. Kofi Asare Opoku, the Chairman,of the African Heritage Museum International Board Of Trustees, Dr. Joseph Silver.
History is about to be made. Wouldn’t you love to be part of it?
Good news – It’s free to join, so click on the link below to register
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