The Light of Cocoa & Chocolates

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Have you had your bite of chocolate today? Or have you consumed a glass of pure Ghanaian cocoa drink yet?

If your answer is a big no, what are you waiting for?

Taking you aback a bit, cocoa was introduced in Ghana by our Legendary Tetteh Quarshie in 1895 when he returned from his farm in the Eastern Region with cocoa beans in his pocket from Fernando Po, now an island in Bioko equatorial Guinea.

Now let’s fast forward to where we left off. Do you know chocolates increase your libido if you are sexually inactive?

Oh yes, I am pretty much sure that was very green to you but that’s the truth of the matter. And the earlier the cat is let out of the bag, the better.

Consuming more chocolates and cocoa drink not only activates your sex drive and empowers you but it smoothens your skin and return you to the skin you emanated from the womb with especially the ladies. Another reason you have to consume cocoa is because it provides the most powerful dietary antioxidants .

No need to bleach that beautiful skin of yours. Use cocoa butter and lotion to keep the tone and texture smooth and fresh all the time.

Even if you find your skin in a bleached entanglement because of the use of other creams, its never too late.

Consuming cocoa and chocolates will do the trick of bringing you back into the light. It’s never too late on your side as far as chocolates and cocoa are involved. They are the lifeline to your skin’s death deadline. Eating more chocolates (consuming cocoa) also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

They delay physical signs of ageing and minimises the pain and discomfort associated with menstrual periods and cramps.

Your stress problems are now a thing of the past because cocoa is here to take care of that.

Consumption of cocoa (chocolates) also fights dental decay, provides energy and vitality.

Cocoa and chocolates improve blood circulation to your brain and white washes depression in your life if you are emotionally broken down.

The men (guys) are not left out, consumption of cocoa keeps you fit, strong and sexually active.

I know you can’t wait to have this wonderful experience.

Come 14th February, 2021, the place to be to experience this change of light to your skin and have that power to the light is The Ghana Tourism Authority.

Come wearing your nose mask, meet pals, connect with your roots and observe all Covid – 19 protocols.

Eat more chocolates, drink more of natural cocoa drink, re – vitalise and boost your human and immune system.

This program is being held under the auspices of The Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture under the theme, “My Chocolate Experience In Disruptive Times”.

Cocoa has spread all over Ghana and given birth to several products i.e. chocolates, cocoa butter cream, cocoa butter lotion, cocoa drink, Milo etc. and all these children to cocoa play key roles in the growth, re – vitalisation and development of the human system and nation Ghana as a whole.

Where there is chocolate, there is life.

Where there is chocolate, there is light.

Where there is Chocolate, there is love and Where there is chocolate, there is hope.

Consume a chocolate today and shine a light.


Isaac Kofi Arthur

National Service Personnel

Corporate Affairs Department

Ghana Tourism Authority

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