Year Of Return: Ghana Navy Partners GTA, Year of Return and PANAFEST for historic “Return Journey”

Posted By : Collins/ 1970

The Ghana Navy is collaborating with the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Panafest Foundation to organize a symbolic boat ride from Cape Coast to Elimina Castle for diaspora returnees as part of the Panafest Akwaaba ceremony on Friday 26th July 2019.

The Cape Coast and Elmina Castle/dungeons together with the many forts that dot the Ghanaian coastline played major roles as holding points for millions of the captives who were transported to the Americas as slaves.

The boat ride is a symbolic reversal of that infamous voyage of ‘No Return’ and a statement of Ghana’s willingness and readiness to welcome all sons of Africa back home in this ‘Year of Return’ and thereafter.

The Ghana Navy plans to deploy a Snake Class Patrol boat and smaller Defender class boats for the historic journey.

The collaboration with the Navy highlights the growing interest of the Year of Return Project which was officially launched by the President of Ghana in September 2018.

Boat rides will start at 8:00 am at the Cape Coast Castle ‘Door of No Return’ to the Elmina Castle ‘Door of Return’.

This historic trip has also been tied to activities marking the Ghana Navy’s 60th Anniversary celebrations.

There would however be canoe rides alongside.

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