Abeadze Ahobaa Kese Festival

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  • Daasebre Kwebu Ewusi VII (Omanhen/

    Paramount Chief of Abeadze Traditional Area)

    Abeadze Ahobaa Kese is celebrated by the people of Abeadze Traditional area in the Central Region of ????????. This annual festival is always celebrated, which commenced on the twelve (12th) Tuesday after ‘Abeadzeman Ogya’ is launched.

    ‘Eguado to’ is a festival celebrated annually in abeadzeman by every chief who sits on the blackstool, and his town/community. It is celebrated in the entire 23 communities of Abeadzeman, moving from one community to the other. It is a week long celebration marked by traditional drumming and dancing with a set day for the performance of traditional rituals and special stool rites. During the festival the people come together in remembrance of Egya Ahor who gave up himself to be sacrificed to stop an epidemic. Ahor laid down his life so that his people could be saved from a plague which attacked and killed many of them after their migration from Techiman to their present settlements.

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