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    Wli Waterfalls (pronounced ‘vlee’), also called Agumatsa Falls, is a popular and dramatic tourist site near the village of Wli not far from the Togo border. Most tourist make the easy walk to the lower falls, which is mostly a flat trail but stunning and beautiful in setting, made even more dramatic by the presence of thousands of fruit bats nesting high up on the nearby cliffs. However, the equally high and much more isolated upper falls is a special treat for those with the stamina for the challenging hike. There are inviting pools at the base of both falls where the hearty can take a chilly dip.

    The Wli waterfalls is the highest water fall in West Africa. The falls is known locally as Agumatsa waterfalls – meaning, “Allow Me to Flow.” It is located in the Hohoe municipality of the Volta Region, the land of the  Ewe culture. It is approximately 280 kilometers from the capital Accra. The walk take you through the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary, which features more than 200 bird species and 400 butterfly species.


    Things to Do

    • Hike with a tour guide to the lower falls on an easy, mostly flat trail that crosses two rivers 8 times on bridges. Time: 1.5hours. difficulty: 1
    • Branch from the main path with your guide to climb the steep and challenging trails to the upper falls. Sturdy footwear recommended. Time: 4 hours. Difficulty: 3
    • Visit the shrine of lesser gods, said to have been brought by village ancestors from Togo. Your guide will explain the history and other items of interest in the village. Time: 1 hour. Difficulty:1
    • See the village ostrich farm, a new project with an NGO to create sustainable jobs with income from the sale of eggs. Your guide will show you the 25 animals on the farm and explain its operation. Time: 1 hour. Difficulty: 1


    When to visit

    Wli is open year-round. The falls are most impressive from April to October, when you can hear – and feel – the flow of water thundering down as it plunges down directly before collecting into a large pool below, exactly at the foot of the mountain. The hike to the upper falls is normally too slippery and treacherous during the rainiest months.




    Accommodation, Food and Refreshments

    A visitor centre at Wli Waterfalls offers shaded seating, beverages, a nice gift shop and flush toilets. Other artisans often display their work outside. Home stays can be arranged at the visitor centre and camping is also permitted there. Private lodging is available at two hotels in Wli that also serve food.

    There are several great lodges in the area with stunning views and access to waterfall trails. Most of these are budget options.

    There are basic refreshment stalls near the tourist office and car park. All of the guesthouses in the area offer good food.



    8 am to 5 pm daily


    Getting there 

    From Hohoe, drive east, turning right at Lipke Bakwa to reach Wli in 3 km. The visitor centre is on the edge of the village. Trotros travel these roads frequently.

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    Don’t Miss This!

    Did you know Wli waterfalls is made up of 3 levels?
    The 1st is the lower falls which is a straightforward 45m walk.
    The 2nd is a 3-hour hike and you’ll need some stamina for this one and a good pair of hiking footwear.
    The 3rd is a 5-hour hike definitely not for the faint-hearted.

    Time your visit to the lower falls for the late afternoon and you may see the stunning sight of thousands of fruit bats taking flight from their roost to feed in surrounding forests.



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