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  • Forts and Castles

    “These edifices testify to the once flourishing trade between the indigenous African people and the European trading companies of Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, England, France, Sweden, and Brandenburg of German Prussia. The history of Ghana’s government administration, judiciary, religion, health care, and even its architecture has its roots at these ancient relics.”

    (Ephson, Dr. Isaac S., Ancient Forts and Castles of the Gold Coast (Ghana), Ilen Publications, Accra 1970, page 13.)

    According to the National Monuments Instrument, EI 42, 1972, the following forts and castles are considered National Monuments:

    1. Fort Apollonia at Beyin
    2. Fort St. Anthony at Axim
    3. Fort Gross Friedricksburg at Princestown
    4. Fort Dorothea at Akwida
    5. Fort Metal Cross at Dixcove
    6. Fort Batenstein at Butre
    7. Fort Orange at Sekondi
    8. Fort St. Sebastian at Shama



    1. The Fort at British Komenda
    2. Fort Vendenburg, Dutch Komenda
    3. Castle of St. George’s, Elmina
    4. Fort St. Jago at Elmina
    5. Cape Coast Castle
    6. Fort Victoria at Cape Coast
    7. Fort Royal at Cape Coast
    8. Fort William at Cape Coast
    9. Fort McCarthy at Cape Coast
    10. Fort Fredericksburg at Amanful
    11. Fort Nassau at Mouri
    12. Fort William at Anomabu
    13. The Little Fort at Anomabu
    14. Fort Amsterdam at Abandzi
    15. The Fort at Tantumquery
    16. Fort Patience at Apam
    17. Fort Good Hope at Senya Beraku


    1. James Fort at Jamestown, Accra
    2. Ussher Fort, Ussher Town, Accra
    3. Christiansborg Castle at Osu, Accra
    4. Fort Augustaborg at Teshie


    1. Fort Vernon, Prampram
    2. Fort Fredensborg at Old Ningo


    1. Fort Prinzensten at Keta


    1. The Fort at Kumasi.


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