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Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) is the umbrella body for all tourism trade associations in Ghana.

It is made up of 22 trade associations and has Bella Ayayee Ahu as President. GHATOF was established to promote the cause of the private sector participants in Ghanaís tourism sector.

The Membership of GHATOF, also known as the Governing Council, is comprised of the Presidents of the various trade associations engaged in the tourism-related activities.


phone: (+233)302906836

Member Associations

Ghana Hotels Association (GHA)
Ghana Progressive Hotels Association (GHAPRHA)
Chefs Association of Ghana (CAG)
Tour Guides Association of Ghana (TORGAG)
Traditional Caterers Association
Ghana Tourism Society
SKAL Club International
Restaurants and Night Clubs Association
Car Rentals Assoc. of Ghana (CRAG)
Travel and Tourist Agents Association
National Drinking Bar Operators Association (NADBOA)
Ghana Drinking Bar Operators
Ghana Assoc.of Forex Bureaux
Indigenous Caterers Association
Bar Tenders Association
African Travel Association (ATA Ghana Chapter)

Licensed Tourism Enterprises

Click HERE for the list of licensed Tourism Enterprises.

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