Travel & Trade

Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) is the umbrella body for all tourism trade associations in Ghana.

It is made up of 22 trade associations and has Bella Ayayee Ahu as President. GHATOF was established to promote the cause of the private sector participants in Ghanaís tourism sector.

The Membership of GHATOF, also known as the Governing Council, is comprised of the Presidents of the various trade associations engaged in the tourism-related activities.


email: [email protected]
phone: (+233)302906836

Member Associations

Ghana Hotels Association (GHA)
Ghana Progressive Hotels Association (GHAPRHA)
Chefs Association of Ghana (CAG)
Tour Guides Association of Ghana (TOUGAG)
Traditional Caterers Association
Ghana Tourism Society
SKAL Club International
Restaurants and Night Clubs Association
Car Rentals Assoc. of Ghana (CRAG)
Travel and Tourist Agents Association
National Drinking Bar Operators Association (NADBOA)
Ghana Drinking Bar Operators
Ghana Assoc.of Forex Bureaux
Indigenous Caterers Association
Bar Tenders Association
African Travel Association (ATA Ghana Chapter)

Licensed Travel and Tour Operators

ASHANTIJohnsons Travel & ToursAmakom0322022905[email protected] Travel Agent IATA
ASHANTIKessben Travel & ToursAdum0322037350[email protected] Travel Agent IATA
ASHANTIGoldlink Travel & ToursAdum0201208535[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
ASHANTIHabo Travel & ToursAdum0322035581[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
ASHANTIInfinity Travel & ToursBantama0541049624[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
ASHANTISlutch ToursSouth Suntreso0246670833/0277882765 [email protected]/ www.slutchtours.comTour Only
ASHANTIFad Fly ToursAsafo0244378302[email protected] Tour Only
ASHANTIFirst Flight ConsultBantama0322028377[email protected]/ www.first flight Ghana.comTour Only
ASHANTIDodi Travel & ToursAsokwa0322020421[email protected]/ www.dodighana.comTravel & Tour IATA
ASHANTIM & J Travel & ToursAdum0205435909[email protected]/ www.mandjtravelghana.comTravel & Tour IATA
ASHANTIP&A Services Travel & TourAdum0207522412[email protected]/ www.pnatravels.comTravel & Tour IATA
ASHANTIPoza Travel & ToursSuame 0322026216/0244794171/0244567421[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
ASHANTIStar Line Travel & ToursBantama0322033380[email protected]/ www.starlinegh.comTravel & Tour IATA
ASHANTIA & A Travel & TourNhyiaeso0244564187/0243839056[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIAchilinks Travel ConsultKrofrom0322000298[email protected]/ Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIAfrican Origin Travel & Sports TourismAnloga Junction0268318331[email protected]/ & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIAlbalad Travel & TourZongo0244476818Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIAngel Of Saint Travel & TourKentinkrono0546000163/0546749028[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIAstolinks Travel & ToursAsokwa0322029802[email protected]/ www.astolinks.netTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIAt Your Service Travel & TourAlabar0244272225/0243921124[email protected]Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIBovas Travel & TourPatasi0322044310/0244642761[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIClive Ghana Travels LimitedAyeduase0243513127 www.cliveghanatravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTICoaf Travel & ToursMankranso 0243777661/0205999976[email protected]/ www.coafgh.orgTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIFast Gate Travel & Tour Ghana LimitedAtonsu0322021357/0244120402[email protected]/ gate travel and tour.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIFast Track Travel & TourAgona0322490490/0243988184[email protected]/ www.fasttracktravel.orgTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIFinal Stop Travel & TourAhodwo0207613045[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIFirst & Fast Travel & ToursAdum0244327259[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIFirst New Age Travel & ToursAdum0322080799[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIFlomm Travel & TourSantasi0249658093[email protected]/ www.flomntravels.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIFriends Of Air Travel & TourAdiebeba0243682909[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIGenuine Traveller ConsultOld Tafo0201242258/0543164182[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIGlobal Stone Travel & Tour LtdEjisu0244582142/0246353592[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIGreat Samshei Travel & TourKrofrom-Kumasi0244362573/0263191499[email protected]Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIGyau Travel & TourKwadaso Agric Junction0322084046/0242784919[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIIrenca Travel & TourPatasi0245655960/0553370524 [email protected]Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIJet Breeze Limited Danyame0322039946[email protected]/ www.jetbreezegh.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIJoblex Travel ConsultSuame Maakro 0243079278joblextravelconsult Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIK5 Net Services Travel & TourismAdum0202357304/0255911724/0261984953[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTILand Air Solutions Travel & ToursAsokwa0244688183[email protected]/ www.landairghana.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIMagnate Travel & ToursAmakom0244476531[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIMajora Travel & Educational ConsultObuasi0242457801/0322542408[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIMaslife TravelsPatasi0200252538maslife [email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTINebs Travel & ToursAbuakwa0322490959/0244593439/0244116547[email protected]/ www.nebsventures.orgTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIPan Consult And Travel ServicesPatasi0543377377/0249878763[email protected]/ www.panconsult.orgTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIPlanners ConsultEjisu-Krapa0249625266/0244638158[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIPrymo Travel & Tour Ahodwo0557926494/0542266750[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIQueens Palace Travel & Tours LtdAlabar-Ghana Legion0322001611/0244765271[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIRentair Travel & TourKumasi Airport0322397317/0279356222/0551126548[email protected]/ & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIRichlove Travel ConsultAsokwa0504115555[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIRight Time Travel & ToursBantama0243269122[email protected]/ www.righttimetravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIRiifi Consult LimitedPatasi0264908029[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTISaat Travel & ToursAsokwa0501277238[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTISt. Michael Travel & TourKumasi Airport0246846846/0543698318[email protected]/ www.stmichaelrentacar.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTISweet Abrabo Travel & TourAbrepo Junction0504529623[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTITriplink Travel & TourAtonsu0546045620 [email protected]Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIUprising Travel & ToursAmpabame-Bohyen0243919691[email protected]/ www.natuprising.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIWalazy Travel & Tour Com. LtdOdeneho Kwadaso0322082084/0209150225 www.walazytravelandtours.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIWhite Dot Link Travel & TourAtonsu Monaco Junction0322022435/0244785166/0200792211[email protected]Travel & Tour Non-IATA
ASHANTIKumasi Travel AgencyAmakom0322024613[email protected]/ www.ktaghana.comTravel Agent IATA
ASHANTIAl-Heelam Travel & ToursAdum0322034693[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
ASHANTIBoka Tough Travel & ToursAdum0553302760[email protected]/ www.bokatough.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
ASHANTIFamily Dream Expert ConsultAdum0322035205[email protected]/ www.familydreamconsult.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
ASHANTITravel ChannelDanyame0504350889[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
ASHANTIYabert Travel & ToursAsafo0244766845[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
BRONG AHAFOAfrican Origin Travel & TourSunyani0207090070/0243533267[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
BRONG AHAFOCan Do Land ToursBerekum0246620571 www.candotours.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
BRONG AHAFOCliffmelvyn Company Travel & TourSunyani0352290168[email protected]/ www.cliffmelvynltd comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
CENTRALAshanti African ToursEfutu0544789094/0248594377[email protected]/ www.ashantiafricantours.comTour Only
CENTRALGhanaecotours.ComElmina0242176357[email protected] Tour Only
CENTRALHLG ToursAgona Swedru0244095333[email protected] Tour Only
CENTRALOne Africa Health Resort, Restaurant & ToursElmina0277765768[email protected]/ www.oneafricaghana.comTour Only
CENTRALRoam GhanaCape Coast0554455985/0200852108[email protected]/ www.roamghana.comTour Only
CENTRALTorch Light ToursCape Coast0243344115/0542038560[email protected] Tour Only
CENTRALWest Africa SafarisElmina0243622611/0240370990[email protected] Tour Only
CENTRALChevera Travel & ToursKasoa0302951529/0242774645[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
CENTRALGalaxy Study Abroad Kasoa0547734667/0202370685[email protected]/ www.galaxygroup4.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
EASTERNSilverbase Travel & Tours Nkurakan0242575485 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAdventure Birding ToursKasoa0543491818[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAApstar ToursNorth Dzorwulu0302980193[email protected]/ www.apstartour.travelTour Only
GREATER ACCRAArktive Tours Bortianor 0302939963/0202299359[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRABA Tours Ghana LimitedPokuase ACP0209966979/0544071364 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRABlast ToursDome 0302404460/0208232463[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRABright Horizon ToursEnglishie- Amanfrom0542422660/0264656566 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRABrilliant Travel & Tour Accra-Tudu0246617025 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRACross Cultural Travel & ToursAdabraka 0302237221[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRADarlton Travel & ToursDansoman Central Market0555534414[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRADiscover Ghana ToursTeshie Nungua0242303535 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAEasy Track GhanaDome Pillar 20276657036[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAHolyland ToursKokomlemle0260505050/0204623026 www.holylandtours.ghTour Only
GREATER ACCRAJancole Ecotourism ServicesDarkuman0249926243/0268151588[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAJapo ToursMallam Atta Market0244093072[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAJolinako Eco-ToursAmrahia0208120856 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAKaya ToursAccra Tourist Information Centre0303973251/0202975356 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAMelshe Travel & ToursTesano East0243329769[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAOkyeame ToursOsu0244611520 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAPacific ToursTaifa0208165266/0302968685/0302432460 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRARoyal Derby ToursAchimota0242603287 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRARoyal Medi ToursNorth Kaneshie0541056056/0241056076[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRASunseekers ToursAdabraka 0302225393[email protected]/ www.sunseekerstours.comTour Only
GREATER ACCRASunset African ToursDzorwulu0208509360[email protected]/ www.sunsetafricantours.comTour Only
GREATER ACCRAT&G Talking Drum Tours LimitedMallam 0302938892/0546159322[email protected] Tour only
GREATER ACCRAThe New Bens International Travel & TourAkweteyman0246382819 Tour Only
GREATER ACCRATop Tours (Gh) LimitedAmasaman0542007467[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRATour World Tourism Service LtdRidge0235859244/0264859244[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRATravel PlannersAdjiringanor0302522576/0244626436[email protected]/ www.travelplannersgh.comTour Only
GREATER ACCRAUprise AdventureNungua0249507413[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAAfrican Connections Ghana LimitedEast Legon 0302633252 www.africanconnections.bizTour Only
GREATER ACCRADipci Travel & ToursUniversity of Ghana0249636275[email protected] Tour Only
GREATER ACCRAAccra Air Travel CentreAccra Central0289711170/0289711175[email protected]/ www.accraairtravelcentre.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAAfro Wings LtdAsylum Down0302235420[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRABindu Travel & Tours LtdOsu0244607070/0203677701 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAByll Wych Travel & Tours AgencyOgbojo0200114114[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRACelex Travel & ToursDzorwulu0302233850/02440261778 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAContinent ToursOsu0302775371/0202079971 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRACountrylinks Travel & ToursAbossey Okai0244701355/0242288702 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRACox & Kings Travel & ToursLabone0302760458/0245282213 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRADeradec Executive Travel & Tour Com. LtdDansoman0244202613/0245169300[email protected]/ www.deredectours.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRADoscar Travel & ToursNorth Ridge0302248282/0302248283[email protected]/ www.doscartravel.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAEuro ToursRing Road Central0302239376[email protected]/ www.eurotourgh.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAExpertravel & ToursLabone0302775498/0302772734[email protected]/ & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAFJ Travel And ToursAsylum Down0302948588/0244594459 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAGlobal Wings Travel & ToursNear Ako Adjei Interchange0244689895[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAGolden Gate Travel & TourDzorwulu0302781741/0244608690[email protected]/ www.goldengatetravelsgh.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAGrandeur ConsultEast Legon0302502237/0244645337/0277577222[email protected]/ wwwgrandeurconsult.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAGS Plaza Travel & ToursSouth Legon0302902980/0244859475[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAH & M Travel & ToursAdabraka0208117672 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAIgit HolidaysKokomlemle0244368834/0244477852[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAIsocele Travel & ToursLabone0243143770 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAJosh Travel LimitedAsylum Down0244033055[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAJourneymax Executive Travel & ToursAsylum Down0302239739/0243146864[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAJubilee Travel & ToursRing Road Estaste0243636770/0302770699[email protected]/ www.jubilee-tours.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAKenpong Travel & TourAirport Residential Area0302798020/0204999999[email protected]/ www.kenpong.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAKokka Travel & TourTrade Fair0244288104/0244371783kokkatravels&[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAKRYS J Travel & ToursSpintex0244374531 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRALand Tours Ghana LtdLabone0302761751/2[email protected]/ www.landtours.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAMaxy Travel & ToursAsylum Down0244361251/0244578945 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAMelcom Travel & ToursNorth Kaneshie0249079636/0545186999[email protected]/ www.melcomgroup.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAMeridian Travel & TourDzorwulu0244434240[email protected]/ www.meridiantravelandtours.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAN.H.M Travel & Tours LimitedAdabraka 0244314871/0302244597[email protected]/ www.nhmtravels.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRANaflin Consult LimitedEast Legon0302544657/0501481266 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAPlatinum Travel & TourOsu0245424646/0245440600 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRASatguru Travel & TourOsu0544330382/0544338800 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAShivohum Travel & ToursOsu0249189999/0240565080 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRASkylife Travel & Tours Adabraka 0209196355[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAStar Holidays Travel & ToursAdabraka 0302226861/0244956135[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAStarline Travel & TourOsu0244261435 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAStellar TravelAirport0540150012/0242883009[email protected]/ www.stella-africa.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRATimewise Expo Travel & ToursAsylum Down0244485179/0302254513 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRATina Travel & ToursAccra New Town0302258469/0243429090[email protected]/ www.tinatravelandtours.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRATravel BureauEast Legon0302818175/0202201300 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRATravel DomeDzorwulu0302900930/0501338932[email protected]/ www.traveldomegh.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRATravel MattersKokomlemle0302225977/0244360884[email protected]/ www.travelmattersghana.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRATravel PlacesOsu0540121111 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRATravel ZoneEast Legon0302999864/0273332233 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAWakanow.ComEast Legon0540108611 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAWakanow.ComAirport0540108611 Travel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRAWitech Travel & ToursEast Legon0249477550[email protected]/ www.witechtravel.comTravel & Tour IATA
GREATER ACCRA1st Point Travel & ToursOsu0244611223 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAbutanya Travel & Tour Achimota Abofo0248101373[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAdansi TravelsEast Legon0208254871/0558358601[email protected]/ www.adansitravels.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAdler Travels LimitedTaifa0208165266/0302968685/0302432460 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAfrab Travel & ToursAirport Residential Area0243224341[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAfro-Arab Travel & ToursNima0302246973/0509577577[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAirport International Travel & ToursOfankor0543257294/0207312366 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAlpha Consult Travel & TourAdabraka 0244313244[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAndson Travel Consult Trade Fair0302971788/0548827996/0262546032[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAn-Nasr Travel & ToursAbavana 0302224664/0262239060[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAArc World Travels LtdAdabraka 0243989822[email protected]/ www.arcworldtravels.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRABeapom Travel & ToursAmasaman0547044995[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRABells Beyond Travel & TourNew Bortianor0505092505/0200262544[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRABemkem Travel & ToursAdjiringanor0556045552 [email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRABest Travel AgencyAsylum Down0276794848[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRABluestar Travel and TourNorth Kaneshie0271777886[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRABorga Travel & ToursKokomlemle0302923308/0243729034[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRABremsbouna Travel & ToursAwoshie Junction0208110234/0543062848[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRABright Links Travel & ToursRidge0244711197[email protected]/ www.brightlinks.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRACalitrust Travel & ToursOkponglo0303968596/0242707287[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRACelmar Travel & ToursDome 0207382527/0245378217[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRACity Link Travel & ToursAwoshie0244383249 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRACity Trust Travel & TourAsylum Down0242637630 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAConnect First Travel & ToursWestland0303977243/054361125 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAConnect World Group Travel & ToursAsylum Down0244363634/0277363634 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRACorey Travel & ToursAdabraka 0249259840[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRACydah Travel & Tour LtdDansoman0243405452/0544349830[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADanta Travel LimitedDzorwulu0505007833[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADe Royal International Education & Travel LimitedAchimota0249358551[email protected]/ www.drietghana.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADelight Trips Travel & TourTantra-Hill0554840479 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADe-Lois Travel & ToursLa0277123883/0207353020[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADel's Avenue Travel & ToursÀdenta0302541217/0208508623 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADestined Destination TravelAdabraka 0243131397[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADivine Travel & TourAdabraka 0244350155[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADoobia Royal Travel & ToursAdenta New Site0244265008[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADream Holiday Arcade LimitedOsu0552060606/0551030303[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADulcet HospitalityAirport South0302935985/0560140940[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRADynamite Travel & Tour ServicesTrade Fair0243514946[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAEd-Laine Travel & ToursEast Legon0244845171[email protected]/ www.edlainetraveltour.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAEgo Hospitality Travel & ToursMamobi0572101891/0302250532[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAEnam Travel & ToursWest Lands0240011009/0267847662/0245101406 www.enamtravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAErmitrade Travel & ToursEast Legon0302520061/0501448377 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAErpreben Travel & TourOsu0244740077 www.erpreben.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAES Travel ServicesAbossey Okai0207323270/0277540155 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAEuroworld Air Services Ltd.Makola 0242100529 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAExpress Fly Consult Travel & TourLa0302798748/0242205525[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAExtra Solutions Travel & ToursNorth Dome0246373177[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAFabc Travel & TourMcCarthy Hill0302918681/0545782450[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAFadiwaa Travel & ToursTabora0302434507/0243180887[email protected]/ www.fadiwaa.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAFaith Executive TravelsPig Farm0247769710/0545118700[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAFly Global Gh Travel Adentan0302291568[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAFly PrestigeKissieman0208134360 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAFly To SkyEast Legon0242100529 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAFlyworld Travel & ToursNew Town0244883038[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAGlobal Millennium Travel & ToursAccra Central0243704097/0267020132[email protected]/ www.gmtraveltour.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAGlobal View ConsultNungua0244022100[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAGlobal Village Travel & TourDzorwulu0302769273/0209539328[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAGlobe Trotters Travel & ToursNorth Industrial Area0232991877/0302969362[email protected]/ & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAGoldmond Travel & ToursAsylum Down0205506522/026682953 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAGoshen Travel & TourAccra Central0244382482[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAGrapevyne Travel & ToursAsylum Down0246761346[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAHansgene Travel & ToursTabora 20545715683/0541919985[email protected]/ www.hansgenetravelservice.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAHappy Tours & Travel ServicesOsu0544220086[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAHB Mahdyson Spintex 0245905564/0204331065[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAHelgard Travel & ToursOsu0302760585[email protected]/ www.helgard -travel. comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAIFLYT Travel & ToursAsylum Down0302227310/0205050504 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAInternational Travel ExchangeAirport0302823536/0242254292[email protected]/ www.flyite.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAInterworld Travel & ToursAccra New Town0302243848[email protected]/ www.interworldtravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAIqra Travel & ToursKokomlemle0242255000[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAIslah Travel & TourAviation Road0244088128[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAJecaph Yatri Travel & Tourism LimitedSpintex Baatsona0267494974 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAJesley Travel & TourMcCarthy Hill0244062590[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAJet Away Travel & ToursOsu0262889643 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAJohnsons Travel & ToursNorth Ridge0302968865[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAKilo Alpha Aviation Holdings LimitedAdjiringanor0550098810[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAKingsair Travel & ToursOsu0550047777[email protected]/ www.kingstravel.toursTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAKoinonia Travel & Tours Limited Haatso 0302502410in[email protected]/ Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAKoppan HospitalityEast Legon0302998778/0302998779[email protected]/ www.koppang.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAKrishna Travel & TourMarina Shopping Mall0555155585[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAKYA Travel & ToursOsu0244638125[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRALareg Travel & ToursEast Legon0302998755/6 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRALedi International LtdEast Legon0302542281/0543560028 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRALinked Travel & ToursAdenta0246979546/0233882497[email protected]/ www.linkedtraveltours.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRALios Travel limitedRoman ridge0302934793[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRALitina Travel & ToursNorth Ridge0302934565/0244260789[email protected]/ www.litinatoursgh.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMalynk Travel & TourAbossey Okai0302664677/0243510949[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMany Miles Travel & ToursAviation Road0205084704[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMasal Vista Travel & ToursMaamobi0245505729[email protected] www.masalvistatravelandtour.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMassmuv Travel & ToursKokomlemle0302251912/0208136200[email protected]/ www.massmuv.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMD Motra Travel & ToursSakaman0246208897/0240882146[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMH TravelsEast Legon0243830454[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMiceb Hospitality & TravelMadina0261746225[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMobile Travel & TourGbawe Top-Base0548883188/0274449848[email protected]/ www.mobiletravelworld.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMoontouch Travel LimitedSpintex0302916575/0264828787[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMount Zion Travels LimitedOsu-Nyaniba Estate0244261435 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMr Price Travel & ToursWeija0231173555/0302907944[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMudi Hajjumra Travel & TourKokomlemle0244470505/0244322395[email protected],com Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMyma TravelsAirport0244747070/0545500300[email protected]/ www.mymatravels.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMystic-Alpha Travel & ToursEast Legon 0555540843 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRANana B Travel & ToursKokomlemle0244185561 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRANaspa Travel & Tour ConsultAdabraka0266373117/ Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRANew Nation Travel & ToursKwashiman-Honkong0244620661[email protected]/ www.nnttgh.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRANgusra Travel & ToursTantra Hills0302430035/0244158474 www.theengusragroup.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRANicnet Travel & ToursHaatso0302510185/0244737799 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRANsroma Reservation & ToursOsu0243480470 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAOne People TravelsEast Legon0302508891/0244730568[email protected]/ www.onepeopletravels.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAOyster Travel Limited East Legon 0307325124[email protected]/ www.oystertravelgh.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAPhoenix VoyagesKokomlemle0302225594/0548360949[email protected]/ www.phoenixvoyages.inTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAPlatinum Impact LimitedKokomlemle0307031051/0241270999[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAQ1 Conslt Travel & ToursNorth Kaneshie0243983677 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRARans Logistics LtdAdabraka 0302246913/0302231382[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRARedkite Travel & TourDzorwulu0302738881/0504880641[email protected]/ www.redkite-travel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRARiali ConsultDansoman0208119748[email protected]/ www.rialiconsult.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRARMP Travels ManagementChristian Village0302434828/0243754221 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRARocent Travel & Tours Achimota0245313400 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRARoyal Expert Travel & ConsultancyKokomlemle0242141221/0303966969[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAS & S Travel & ToursNorth Industrial Area0545999333/0203918766[email protected]/ www.sstravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASafe Trip LimitedAdabraka 0302242133[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASam Travel ConsultKokomlemle0302226418/0203918380[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASeasons Travel & ToursAdabraka 0244622414[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASecure Travel & ToursDansoman0302309995/0204444220[email protected]/ www.securetravelandtours.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAShima Travel & ToursAbossey Okai0244796196/0208228154[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASilver Trust Travel & TourAdabraka 0244516604[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASky Resources Travel & ToursAdabraka 0208153607[email protected]/ www.oforskyresources.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASt Michael Travel and TourAirport0246846846[email protected] www.stmichael.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAStreamline Travel LimitedEast Legon0303933957/0247926557 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAStrom Travel & ToursNorth Legon0244178568 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAStuweb Travel & ToursNorth Legon0302909779/0244618663 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASummit Consult Travel & Tour Adabraka 0264999399[email protected]/ www.consul & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASwift Cargo And Travel ServicesAccra Central 0244070058/0244698106 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRATessy-Net Travel And Tours & Recruitment LtdAchimota0540630714[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAThe Host Destination SpecialistAbelemkpe0302782512/0206472478[email protected]/ www.thehostgh.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAThe Travel CentreAwudome Roundabout0302268609/0242875748[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAThink PlacesNorth Kaneshie0207585215/0260980884[email protected] www.thinkplacestravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRATrans Orient TravelAdabraka0243788777 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRATravel BankOdorkor0244242940[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRATravel EmpireAchimota0206442611 www.travelempire.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRATraveline Limited Airport City0243511726[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAUnico Travel & ToursSakaman0553205456[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAVibe ConsultOsu0242947071/0302797378 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAVirgo Travel & ToursSouth La Estates0243001143[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAWefly Travel & Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAWellspring Aviation & Travel Ltd.North Ridge0302248546/0507756722/024869894[email protected]/ www.wellspringaviation.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAWestir Executive Travel An&d ToursWeija SCC0244386428 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAWestlinks Travel & TourEast Legon0244251408/0540125804 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAWe-Transact Travel & ToursKwabenya0556375995[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAWorldwide Air ServicesOsu0555502363 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAX-Plore VoyageRidge0302238366[email protected]/ www.x-plore.orgTravel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAYoks Travel & ToursOsu-Re0248161399 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAZaksaj Travel & ToursKotobabi0243926695/0501490116[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAZara Travel & ToursAirport Residential Area0501549555[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAfrica Links TravelsAdabraka 0302230452/0504671544[email protected] Travel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRAAirborne TravelsAdabraka 0244668494/0507226620[email protected]/ www.airbornetravels.netTravel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRABespoke Travel ConsultAirport Residential Area0302915636/0205959179[email protected] Travel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRABlue Cube Travel LimitedEast Legon0302976143/0244860673 Travel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRAKarroum Travel & TourAdabraka 0244360261/0302662893[email protected] Travel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRAPhanerosis Travel & ToursAsylum Down0244843283/0203020012 Travel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRARS Travel And Logistics LtdDzorwulu0302949191[email protected] Travel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRAVenture-G Travel LtdKanda0302242260/0244424455[email protected] Travel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRAWestside Travel & TourAdabraka 0244024561/0302240612[email protected] Travel Agent IATA
GREATER ACCRAAbsolute TravelLabone0302766330/0208111808/0208113217[email protected]/ www.absolutetravelgh.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAAlliance Travel Services LtdEast Legon0243134033/024373804 Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAEST Travel Ghana Ltd.Osu0244405110 Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRALana Travel & ToursOsu0244643743/0302777969 Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRALloyds Travel AgencyAdabraka 0302221629[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAM & M Global Business TravelsAdjiringanor 0302509077/0248880525[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMultilink Travel Solutions Accra Central0260562878[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAMutasa Travel & ToursMamobi0302231813/0261663726[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASarajay Travels LimitedHaatso0302905832[email protected]/ www.sarajaytravel.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRASignature Luxury Travel & ToursDzorwulu0302731553/0201684320[email protected]/ www.signatures luxury strafed.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRATake Off Travel ServicesAsylum Down0302235166/0501286628 Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAThe Haxt TravelsRing Road 0302269172[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRATime Street TravelsAdabraka 0302231331[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
GREATER ACCRAZone Travel & TourAgbogba0244060343[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
NORTHERNBeacon Agency LimitedTamale0201137777[email protected] Tour Only
NORTHERNCompetent ToursTamale0243726559 Tour Only
NORTHERNM & J Travel & TourTamale 0202533015[email protected]/ www.mjtravel.ghTravel & Tour IATA
NORTHERNDanny Travel & TourTamale 0246751556 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
NORTHERNF.T Wunfarima Travel & Tour Tamale 0209299690[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
NORTHERNMole Boy Travel & TourDamango0246678296 Travel & Tour Non-IATA
NORTHERNNdewura Travel & Tour Tamale 0244577107[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
NORTHERNShabasa Travel & TourTamale 0372038380/0547007005[email protected]/ www.shabasaart.ghTravel & Tour Non-IATA
NORTHERNSteadfast Travel & TourTamale 0509157907[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
NORTHERNZanfara Travel & TourTamale 0553141536[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
NORTHERNPowerlink Travel & TourTamale0243822706[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
NORTHERNAkwantuo Travel & TourTamale0246809916[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
NORTHERNGrassroot ToursLamashegu0541668682[email protected]/ www.grassroottours.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
NORTHERNTime Management ToursTamale0206666020[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
NORTHERN Wumpini Travel & TourTamale0558840750[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
TEMA7 Cheetah ToursPrampram0242607960[email protected] Tour Only
TEMAStevat ToursCommunity 1, Tema0303217689[email protected]/ www.stevat.comTour Only
TEMABelshaw Travel & ToursCommunity 11, Tema0303301529[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
TEMADiamond Empire Travel & TourCommunity 1, Tema0303209194[email protected]& www.diamondtravel&tour.comTravel & Tour IATA
TEMATopmount Tours LtdCommunity 11, Tema0303300811/0206836526[email protected]/ www.topmounttours.comTravel & Tour IATA
TEMADoor Step Travel & ToursAshaiman0249490181[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAElam AgencyCommunity 1, Tema0549354864[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAExotic Adventures LimitedDodowa0277544644[email protected] www.exoticadventuresgh.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAFlyzone Ghana LTDSPINTEX0266671586[email protected],com Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAGodluv Travels & Tours Community 18, Lashibi0247533528[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAJanees Travel & ToursCommunity 6, Tema0244230453[email protected]/ www.janeestravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAJex Travel & ToursAfienya Mataheko0249525199[email protected]/ www.jextravelsandtours.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAK-Mart Travel & ToursCommunity 10, Tema0244380718[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAPef Travel & ToursCommunity 7, Tema0244975015[email protected]/ www.pefgh.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAPrich Travel ConsultCommunity 5, Tema0303209126[email protected]/ www.prichtravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMARio Travel & ToursCommunity 2, Tema0303217898[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMASenba Tours LimitedCommunity 4, Tema0244953474/0244987010[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMASkycloud Travek & TourCommunity 16, Lashibi0302932914/0570438609[email protected]/ www.skycloudtravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMATN Delfah Travel & ToursCommunity 16, Lashibi0545595661[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMATravel Trust ConsultCommunity 9, Tema0554229095[email protected]/ www.traveltrustgh.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAXin Yuan Travel & ToursCommunity 11, Tema0501599999[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
TEMAEvergreen Travel ConsultSakumono Estate0203878393[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
TEMAManak Travels LimitedCommunity 9, Tema0208202408[email protected]/ www.manaktravels.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
TEMASekoe Travel CentreSakumono Estate0244260777[email protected]/ www.sekoetravel.comTravel Agent Non-IATA
UPPER EAST Vantage Vision Vessel Travel & TourBolgatanga0240122200/0382024841[email protected] www.v3.ghana.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
UPPER WESTDanwana Travel & ToursWapaani Travel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNQuinsyta Professional Services Bogoso0552000016/0207490538[email protected] Tour Only
WESTERNEsam Travel & ToursTakoradi0208115715[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
WESTERNJohkad Travel & ToursTakoradi0312022281[email protected] Travel & Tour IATA
WESTERNCarmens LogisticsAnaji0574311009[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNGood Africa Travel & Tours Ltd.Collins Avenue-Takoradi0244694268/0243322466[email protected]/ & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNJonkanoo Africa ToursButre0[email protected]/ www.jonkanoo.africatours.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNJonamas Travel & Tours InternationalKwesimintim0243102777/0273372555[email protected]/ www.jonamasstravels.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNJustmax TravelsTakoradi0312000752/0276300030[email protected]/ & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNNovaland Travel & ToursTakoradi0312001280/0243115469[email protected]/ www.novaland .comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNRozzy Travel & ToursTarkwa0312322198[email protected] Travel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNSivamay TravelsTakoradi0208230844[email protected]/ www.sivamay.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNCountry Links Travel & TourTakoradi0244701355/0266543027[email protected].com/ www.countrylinkstravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNFlylinks Travel & ToursAnaji0264048134[email protected]/ www.flylinkstravel.comTravel & Tour Non-IATA
WESTERNEstours Travel AgencyChapel Hill0279303336[email protected]/ [email protected]Travel Agent Non-IATA
WESTERNICM VoyageTakoradi - Chapel Hill0312032235[email protected] Travel Agent Non-IATA
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