Kpetoe Kente Weaving Village

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Attraction Category: See Ghana, Craft Villages, and HeritageAttraction Tags: Cloth, Designs, Ewe, Ewe Kente, Kente, Kpetoe, Kpetoe Kente Weaving Village, Patterns, Volta region, Weavers, Weaving, Weft, and Yarns

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  • About the village

    Kpetoe Kente Weaving Village is located near the Togo border, a cluster of villages called Kpetoe has produced kente cloth for generations. It is renowned for high-quality Ewe kente, which is unique in design and often less expensive than that from other regions.

    Kpetoe has begun efforts to provide expanded and more structured services for tourists. Meanwhile, visitors can have an interesting time exploring the villages, its weavers and kente shops on their own.


    Things to Do

    • Visit the local kente weaving centre, a roofed, open-air building where up to 25 weavers work and display their products. Only about half of the weavers – speak English, but all will be happy to show their work and negotiate a sale price. Time: 30 minutes and up. Difficulty: 1
    • Shop for kente in village stores, including Israel Trading Inc. on the main road in the centre of kpetoe. Products include kente strips, joined strips, table runners, hats, accessories and clothing. Ask residents to direct you to Bowman Kente Weaving and Desiadenyo Kente Store, which are located off the main street. Proprietors will expect you to bargain with them to arrive at a purchase price. Time: flexible. Difficulty: 1
    • Wander through the adjacent village of Abenyinase, where up to 100 weavers work and sell their cloth outdoors. Time: flexible. Difficulty: 1


    When to Visit

    Kpetoe’s weavers generally do not work on Sundays.


    Accommodations, Food and Refreshments

    Visitor facilities are limited but additional amenities are in the planning stages. The weaving centre has pit toilets but no running water. Cold beverages are available in the village and chop bars offer street food.


    There are no official hours yet, but weavers are generally active dawn to dusk, Monday through Saturday.


    Getting there

    Kpetoe is located along the main road between Ho and Aflao. Frequent public transport is available in directions between Ho and the coast.



     Don’t Miss This!

    An annual week-long Kente festival called Agbamevo Za which is held each August in Kpetoe, featuring speed weaving contests, kente dress design competitions and many other activities. This festival is an incredible sensory overload experience and an absolute must for all interested in Kente. Dates vary by year, so contact the Ghana Tourism Authority for current year dates.

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