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    The Avu Lagon wetland is nestled in the lower Volta Region sandwiched between the Aflao Road and the Atlantic Ocean. This fresh water marsh consists of a shallow lake of about 10 to 12 kilometres around, plus the surrounding streams, rivers and aquatic vegetation. This watery landscape is home to the world’s only aquatic antelope: the Sitatunga. In all of Ghana, this is the only location where this majestic creature still remains. In addition, bird viewing can provide hours of entertainment, with the presence of numerous water dwelling species. And, if you have a keen eye, you will also spot reptiles and small mammals.


    Things to Do

    • Stop at the visitor centre to arrange your river tour and shop for village crafts in the small shop. A guide will paddle you canoe along the Lotor River where you will experience aquatic bird life, observe local fishing practices and, perhaps, catch a glimpse of a green mamba sunning in the trees. Don’t forget your binoculars. Time: 2 hours. Difficulty: 2
    • Visit Avu Lagoon’s famous Baobab tree grove. Relax or take your lunch at the nearby summer hut, surrounded by trees and birds. Time: 1 hour. Difficulty: 1
    • Explore the Avu Lagoon’s canoe safari. Pole your way through flooded fig forest and see a variety of migratory birds. Witness traditional subsistence fishermen at work in the wetlands. A tour guide in Xavi can lead you on this adventurous experience. Time: full day. Difficulty: 2
    • Explore the Sitatunga viewing platform. In the heart of the community protected area, two wildlife viewing platforms. Time: canoe ride 45 minutes and walk the platform 30minitues. Difficulty: 2


    When to Visit

    Visit Avu Lagoon any time of year. Birds are more active and vocal at dawn and dusk.


    Accommodations, Food and Refreshments

    For those visitors who would like to spend more than a day at Avu Lagoon, a comfortable home-stay option is available (showers, flush toilets, fans, lights, sheet, but not towels). Meals are available from community cooks and liquid refreshments are also available in the village.



    8 am to 5 pm daily



    From the main Accra road, watch for Avu Lagoon ecotourism project signs at Dabala junction then turn right drive to Dabala then you will see other sign leading to Tosukpo where the welcome sign and tour guides will be. The second option is from the main Accra-Aflao road at Akatsi, turn right onto the dirty road and follow signs for 18 km (approximately 20 minutes) to the visitor centre at the entrance to the village. Trotros available from Accra and Ho. Local taxis are available from Akatsi market along the dirty road to the Avu Lagoon visitor centre.




    Avu Lagoon Ecotourism Project,

    P.O. Box 6, Akatsi,

    Volta Region, Ghana; 024-2015329


    Don’t Miss This!

    Watch for the rarely-seen sitatunga, the world’s only aquatic antelope and virtually extinct in West Africa. If surprised, it will submerge with only its nostrils out of water.

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  • Category: Eco Tourism, Nature, and See Ghana
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