Heritage month takes place in the month of March which happens to be Ghana’s independence month. It is filled with tours, events and activities highlighting Ghana’s rich heritage. The period is also sometimes referred to as Ghana Month.

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2024 Heritage Month Events

Heritage Caravan

The Heritage Caravan is a road trip organised by CitiFM and CitiTV which takes patrons across more than half of Ghana’s regions offering a distinctive road trip experience that allows participants to explore the various regions of Ghana, providing an up-close encounter with the country’s historical and cultural heritage. It is rich blend of excitement, education, enlightenment and entertainment to help patrons know more about Ghana, its landscape, people and culture.

The Caravan 2024 edition of the Heritage Caravan is set to unfold from the 3rd to the 10th of March

Read more and follow the Caravan here


Back To Your Village Bazaar

The annual ‘Back To Your Village Food Bazaar’ is a two-day event that treats patrons to sumptuous local meals by a variety of indigenous vendors. It highlights some of Ghana’s tradition and sometimes forgotten meals.

Reps from all regions across the country display dishes and beverages to help patrons relive their favourite cultural experiences in the traditional Ghanaian kitchen.

This event which is in it’s seventh year is one that should not be missed. This event is powered by Citi FM/Citi TV.



Wear Ghana Festival

As part of the Heritage month, the National Commission on Culture organises the Wear Ghana Festival which seeks to promote made in Ghana textiles, clothing and accessories and promote the consumption of made-in-Ghana products. It is also to promote patriotism and National pride, in the local fashion industry and Ghanaian culture.


Akwaaba Festival


Gɔbɛ Festival

Gɔbɛ festival is an annual festival by 3FM that provides a platform for the public to savour different flavours and combos of gɔbɛ and experience delightful activities and musical performances. The festival is in its 3rd year and has become a go-to event for many.

For details visit Gobe Festival page




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