2023 ‘December in GH’ Calendar of Events Outdoored
Posted by: Collins /7480
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Final Calendar for December in GH 2023 Events Calendar outdoor ACCRA, GHANA – The highly anticipated final calendar for December in GH 2023 events has been announced today. Presented by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Beyond the Return Secretariat (BTR), the calendar highlights several events across the length and breadth […]
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Government Announces ‘Non-Pre-Approval’ Visa-on-Arrival for ‘December in GH’ 2023
Posted by: Collins /4740
Government working through the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Ghana Tourism Authority has announced the scraping of the requirements for the “Pre-approved” visa on arrival regime for this year’s December In GH 2023 celebration. By this, visitors traveling to the country will not be required to have “pre-approved” […]
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Exploring Funeral Tourism In Ghana: Honoring Traditions And Celebrating Culture
Posted by: visitghadmin /10610
Funeral tourism is a unique and increasingly popular form of tourism that allows individuals from different cultures and backgrounds to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse traditions associated with funerals around the world. Ghanaian funerals are not only solemn occasions for bidding farewell to loved ones but also colorful celebrations that reflect the culture, […]
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‘Return Conversations: Role of Film and Music in Uniting Global Africans’ Event Held To Strengthens Ties between Ghana and the Diaspora
Posted by: visitghadmin /9510
Accra, Ghana – July 25, 2023 – The Ghana Tourism Authority as part of the Beyond the Return project has successfully hosted another edition of the ‘Return Conversations’ on July 25, 2023, at the Accra International Conference Centre. Themed ‘Role of Film and Music in Uniting Global Africans,’ the event brought together key stakeholders and […]
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