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The Rock Of Ages is a title attributed to the one and only almighty God because rocks represent something very powerful, something that has been in existence for a very long time, just as the Rock of Gibraltar is also attributed to the same God depicting his awesomeness and greatness looking at the huge nature of the solid rocks.

So one can confidently say that when the word Rock which is translated in the Fante language as “Obwo” or the Twi language as “3buor” or as the Ewe’s will call it “3kp3” is mentioned, there is a certain level of pride, greatness and prestige that it comes with.

Talking of Rocks, let’s come home to the subject matter. Let’s take your mind unto the huge (enormous) rocks at Shai Hills and the historic events that took place in the era of the ancient days.

Let’s Tour Ghana Club inaugurated under the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) travelled on a tour to the humble abode of Shai Hills at Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region on 27th March, 2021 which was a Saturday to experience the Culture and history that took place during the olden days before independence.

They were well received by the “Tour Guide” Mr. Micheal Kumah who took them around to witness the wonderful history and it’s explanations that it came with.

It was now time to enter the gigantic solid rocks as Mr. Micheal Kumah took his time to thoroughly explain the history of living that took place in the rocks.

According to him, in 1892, the Shai people were forced to leave the rocks by their Colonial Masters being the British.

After that, they re set up Dodowa, Agormeda etc. and each year in September, a homage is being paid to the ancestral home to perform their festivals known as “Many3”.

When they left, some bats took over the cave. A foul smell can be sensed when one enters the rocks and gets to that point, and that is because of the existence and migration of the “INSECT BATS”.

According to medical reports, if one is an asthmatic patient, it is not advisable for them to enter that entry point in the rocks unless he or she has his or her inhaler.

Mr. Kumah stressed on that, he doesn’t allow and will never allow asthmatic patients entry at that point of the experience. This is not to prevent them from enjoying the fun and experience but rather protecting their lives.

He also narrated the history of the then Kings who used a section of the cave as their Palace in decision making.

They used to gather there and make decisions concerning puberty rites of the ladies as at that time.

In those days, there was no ladder mounted to the top of the rocks that allowed the bodyguards or people to climb to the top so one will ask, how then were his bodyguards able to climb to the the top of the heavy rocks? The answer was straight forward. They used the back hole, a section in the rocks that allowed them entry on top of the rocks.

He further added that, the stairway was recently mounted because Tourism lovers will want to experience how it feels to be on the top of the mounataineous rocks and thereby can’t use the entry (hole through the backyard of the rocks) the bodyguards used because it was very risky. They have to ensure that every Tourist’s life is protected like an egg in the palm on and in the rocks.

It is their sole responsibility to keep each and everyone in their premises alive till they exit their caves (rocks) and premises in the wild life reserve.

They can’t afford to record loss of lives in the quest of adventure and education about the history and explorations of the beautiful scenery at Shai Hills.

In conclusion, Mr. Micheal Kumah added that, in descending the top of the rock after the sight seeing returning using the mounted metallic ladder, it is always best and advisable to descend backwards and not forward because the way the metallic staircase is constructed and mounted, if one doesn’t take care and descend with their front, the probability of slipping and injuring oneself is very high which can lead to death.


By: Isaac Kofi Arthur, NSS Personnel/GTA

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