‘Let’s Tour Ghana’ Experiences Kakum National Park And Elmina Castle

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Let’s Tour Ghana, one of the fast rising Tourism Clubs in the Country (Ghana) on the 26th of February, 2022 (Saturday) embarked on their fourth trip to the Kakum National Park and Elmina Castle.


Most members of Let’s Tour Ghana conquered their fear of height by taking on the 7-level canopy walkway at Kakum..

They proved to the canopy walk that yes indeed they are really here to Tour Ghana and have arrived as the canopy walk surrended to the members of the Club.

One of the club members ie. Jennifer even catwalked on the last canopy walk bridge, struck a 360 pose and ended her walk in a grandstyle as the 7 constructed bridge made of wood, metal and hard ropes dropped it’s jaw in awe and disbelief.

That should inform you the level of confidence and zero percentage of (0)% fear these club members had.

Kakum Canopy Walkway seemed to have frightened other folks initially but not the mighty Let’s Tour Ghana avengers and warriors of Tourism.

By the end of the 3 count, the canopy walkway tapped out to the fearless and confident Let’s Tour Ghana members.

Elmina Castle presented herself before members of the club, as members of the club sympathised with her on the inhumane treatment her African Children went through centuries back.

Elmina Castle, a mother full of ages, 540years was consoled by her great great great grandchildren called Let’s Tour Ghana.

Members of the Club assured Desmond Kwao the Tour Guide that the history he has told them about their mom, Elmina Castle will remain in their hearts forever and will never be forgotten.

By: Isaac Kofi Arthur

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