Successful Feast Ghana Event held at Manhyia Palace in Celebration of Asanteman Queenmothers Day

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In a grand celebration of Asanteman Queenmothers Day, the Manhyia Palace hosted a successful Feast Ghana event that highlighted the rich culinary heritage of Asanteman. The event, graced by esteemed guests including the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Asantehemaa, Nana Kondu Yiadom III, Chief of Staff of the Office of the President, Hon. Frema Osei Opare,  Minister Designate for Tourism Arts and Culture Hon. Egyapa Mercer, Deputy Mark Okraku Mantey, and CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority Akwasi Agyeman, brought together a blend of tradition, culture, and gastronomy.

The event served as a culinary extravaganza, skillfully presenting an assortment of traditional Ghanaian dishes amidst a colourful spectacle of traditional drumming and dancing.

In his remarks, CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority Akwasi Agyeman expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “The feast at Manhyia Palace truly encapsulates the essence of Ghanaian hospitality and cultural richness. By showcasing our traditional cuisines, we are not only promoting culinary tourism but also inviting the world to savor the unique flavors that Ghana has to offer.”

The Minister Designate for Tourism, Hon Egyapa Mercer indicated the Feast Ghana event is not only to celebrate our culinary heritage but also invite others to experience the warmth and richness of Ghanaian hospitality

Emphasizing the value of preserving and sharing Ghana’s culinary traditions, the Chief of Staff, Hon Frema Osei Opare, urged for the creation of a recipe book that would immortalize these cherished dishes for generations to come. “This initiative seeks to not only preserve Ghana’s culinary legacy but also to entice visitors to explore the country through its flavors and culinary experiences” she said.

The Asantehene, Osei Tutu II, also shared his thoughts, saying, “Queenmothers play an important role in Asante cultural heritage and celebrating them is an integral part of Asanteman culture and identity” .

The next stop for the Feast Ghana train is the Accra International Conference Center on Wednesday May 1, where the Ghana Tourism Authority has partnered the PSWU of TUC and the Queenmothers Foundation to give workers of Ghana a treat of authentic Ghanaian food and entertainment.

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GTA Prepares For ‘Feast Ghana’ At Manhyia Palace With Asanteman Queen Mothers Association

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The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), in collaboration with the Asanteman Queen Mothers Association, is excitedly preparing for the Feast Ghana event scheduled for April 22, 2024, at the Manhyia Palace. Themed “Flavours of Ghana: Celebrating Ghana’s Cultural Diversity through Food,” this event aligns with the 25th Anniversary of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, emphasising  Asanteman’s cultural importance and gastronomic heritage.

The CEO of GTA, Mr. Akwasi Agyeman, stated that Feast Ghana aims to showcase and elevate Ghana’s local cuisine and cultural traditions, supporting the GTA’s initiative of “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana” which was launched in 2017.


Feast Ghana will feature a rich array of Ashanti cuisine from all the paramouncies, traditional dishes, and culinary demos that honour Asanteman’s vast cultural heritage. The event will also highlight local produce and explore its journey from farm to table, providing attendees with a comprehensive taste of food culture.


Issued by the Corporate Affairs Department

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GTA Unveils ‘Feast Ghana’ to Showcase the Rich Culinary Tapestry of Ghana

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                               

Accra: 15TH APRIL, 2024                                                                              

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) will launch Feast Ghana on Wednesday 17th April 2024 at the Accra Tourist Information Centre (ATIC). The Ghana Tourism Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Asanteman Queenmothers Association and the Public Service Workers Union of the Trades Union Congress (PSWU of TUC), marks a significant event aimed at promoting our local foods and showcasing our diversity as a people. It is part of the Ghana Cares Obatanpa project that continues to help resuscitate the Tourism and Hospitality sector.

This inaugural edition of Feast Ghana will celebrate Ghana’s rich culinary heritage under the theme ‘Flavours Of Ghana, Celebrating Ghana’s Cultural Diversity Through Food’. The launch event will also celebrate the Ladies Club of GTA who will be celebrating the second edition of its “Rep your Region” program.  Following its launch, Feast Ghana will travel to the Ashanti Region on 22nd April in partnership with the Asanteman Queenmothers Association to honor the 25th anniversary of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. This extension of the event highlights the region’s cultural significance and culinary contributions.

In the words of the CEO of GTA, Akwasi Agyeman “Feast Ghana represents a unique opportunity to showcase the vibrant culinary richness of our nation and celebrate the unity and diversity that food embodies in our culture. This program aligns with the “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana and Feel Ghana ” campaign launched by GTA a few years ago”

The grand celebration of Feast Ghana will be held on May Day at the Accra International Conference Center, in collaboration with the PSWU of TUC. This final event promises to be a memorable showcase of Ghana’s local foods, emphasizing unity, diversity, and the vibrant spirit of our people. Attendees can look forward to experiencing traditional dishes, culinary delights, and a celebration of Ghana’s heritage throughout the journey of Feast Ghana.

By: Corporate Affairs





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2024 Paragliding Festival Ends with a 49% Surge In Attendance

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Accra, 3rd April 2024

The 2024 Paragliding Festival wows spectators with a total of 138 Tandem flights and 24 Solo flights with a record-breaking 7,463 attendees this year. This represents a 49% surge in attendance compared to the previous year.

Throughout the festival, 7 skilled tandem pilots hailing from various countries, including the USA, Japan, Peru, Ghana, and Germany, took passengers on unforgettable journeys through the skies. Notably, Ghanaian Solo Pilot Isaac Mensah achieved a personal milestone with his first successful Solo flight, soaring from the Odweanoma Mountain to touch down safely at the Nkawkaw Stadium.

The economic benefits of the Paragliding Festival extend beyond the thrill of flight, significantly impacting the local tourism and hospitality value chain and economy. As the festival continues to attract a growing number of spectators and participants, it creates opportunities for local businesses, from accommodations and food vendors and transportation services. The influx of visitors not only generated revenue for the immediate Kwahu community but also fosters job creation and boosts tourism-related businesses in the region.

The event’s success is evident from the escalating number of spectators, signifying a growing interest in the sport of paragliding. With the flights captivating the audience and creating lasting memories, the 2024 Paragliding Festival emerged as a must-visit attraction, with CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr. Akwasi Agyeman, attesting to the enhanced safety measures and overall improved experience at the site.

The Ghana Tourism Authority expresses appreciation to all the stakeholders especially the Kwahu Traditional Council and the Kwahu South, East and West Assemblies.



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Empowering The Community: Isaac Mensah Soars As Second Homegrown Paragliding Pilot From Kwahu Area

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In a remarkable feat for the local community, Isaac Mensah, a proud native of Kwahu from Abetifi, has achieved his first Solo Flight on the prestigious Odweanoma Mountain. This milestone was accomplished during the ongoing 2024 Kwahu Easter Paragliding Festival held in Atibie-Kwahu, Eastern Region of Ghana.

This is an unfolding success story reminiscent of Jonathan Quaye’s trajectory. Jonathan Quaye was the first locally trained Ghanaian pilot who has now joined the team of experienced tandem pilots who fly passengers seeking adventure every Easter. Isaac Mensah’s journey from a humble beginning to becoming a solo paragliding pilot mirrors the inspiring narrative of aspiring talents finding their wings in Kwahu. Just as Jonathan Quaye evolved into an experienced tandem pilot through training in Kwahu, Isaac’s achievement underscores the potential for growth and development within the local paragliding community.

Having received training under experienced mentors,Tandem Paragliding Pilots such as Blake Daniel Pelton, Ed Stein and Chuck Smith, Isaac’s dedication and passion for the sport have been evident since his early days assisting pilots at the Odweanoma Mountain and the Nkawkaw Stadium.


The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has played a pivotal role in fostering such local talent and promoting the domestication of paragliding activities. Expressing delight at the emergence of home-grown pilots, the CEO of the GTA, Akwasi Agyeman remarked, “We are thrilled to see locals like Isaac Mensah embracing the sport and honing their skills to contribute to the vibrant paragliding scene in Kwahu. This signifies a significant step towards ensuring that paragliding becomes ingrained in our local culture, enriching both our tourism offerings and community engagement. Since 2017, the GTA has made a lot of investments to improve the infrastructure at Odweanoma and train talent. We say Ayekoo to Isaac who is following in the footsteps of Jonathan, our first locally trained tandem pilot.”

Beyond his achievements in paragliding, Isaac Mensah is a diligent individual who pursued his education at Pentecost Junior High School and Ofori Panyin Senior High School. He also engages in graphic design in Nkawkaw, showcasing his diverse talents and ambitions.

Isaac’s success as a home-grown talent not only highlights his personal triumph but also underscores the importance of nurturing local talent which the Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture have been in the forefront of.


Paragliding in Ghana has a rich history dating back to its introduction in 2005 by the late Jake Obetsebi Lamptey during the annual Kwahu Easter Festival. It has now become a significant event attracting participants and spectators from far and wide. The festival has served as a platform for promoting adventure sports and tourism in the region, with the Odweanoma Mountain becoming a notable site for paragliding enthusiasts.

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The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Beyond the Return (BTR) Secretariat, announce the official call for entries for event organisers and promoters to submit their proposals for inclusion in the calendar of events for the ‘December in GH’ campaign for 2024.


This year marks the 6th edition of the campaign and the announcement comes earlier than previous years as the Authority and Event organisers anticipate an increase in visitors to Ghana during the holiday season. The earlier call and publication will allow visitors ample time to plan their trip and to coordinate the activities and festivals they wish to include in their itineraries for December.


Since 2019, Ghana has led the charge in changing the narrative about the African experience and has solidified the country as the top holiday destination on the continent through ‘December in GH’  and the return initiatives. ‘December in Gh’ has been a strong driver of tourism, economic impact, and branding Ghana as the “Centre of the World”.


‘December in GH’ is coordinated by the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Beyond the Return (BTR) Secretariat, under the auspices of the National Steering Committee  and invites all interested Event Organisers seeking to have their programs endorsed as an official event for December in GH to submit a formal proposal to the team.  Proposals should be for events taking place from November 15, 2024 through January 15, 2025. The office is encouraging Event Organizers to create events that would bring together the Global African Diaspora, Continental Africans, and the local Ghanaian community.


Annabelle McKenzie, Director of the Beyond the Return Secretariat said “Ghana has seen tremendous growth in tourism, bridging the gap between Ghana and the historical diaspora, and unifying Africans due to the “Year of Return” and Beyond the Return.” The Secretariat is well prepared for the 6th year of ‘December in Gh’ and is excited to work with Event Organisers and key stakeholders.”


The CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyeman urges  Event Organizers to partner the Authority and the Steering Committee to “unlock the potential of Ghana as a leisure destination and turn dreams into lasting  legacies. Together, let’s shape the future of travel and make Ghana’s December, an unforgettable experience”


All proposals must be submitted before Tuesday, April 30, 2024, using the official form at this link: The form can also be found on the Beyond the Return website at:


‘Beyond the Return’ is a ten-year initiative with the theme ‘A Decade of African Renaissance’ and a foundation of seven pillars.  Each pillar is significant in the mission of continued engagement with the African diaspora, continental Africans and Ghanaians.


The seven pillars are as follows: Experience Ghana, Celebrate Ghana, Give Back Ghana, Invest in Ghana, Brand Ghana, Diaspora Pathways to Ghana and Promote Pan African Heritage and Innovation. All Event Organizers must consider how their event aligns with at least one of the foundational pillars.


More information about the Beyond the Return initiative can be found on the website


Information on Ghana Tourism Authority can be found at

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From Biking to Hiking: Brussels Airlines’ Groundbreaking Journey through Ghana’s Heartland

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A vibrant entourage of nearly 100 hikers and bikers, representing Brussels Airlines (Lufthansa Group), descended upon Ghana on February 2nd, 2024, igniting an exhilarating adventure set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Volta region. In a historic twist, this year’s expedition, traditionally known as “Bike in Africa,” expanded its horizons to include “Hike in Africa” for the very first time. The spirited group was welcomed with traditional dancing and jubilant music, graced by the presence of Mr. Akwasi Agyeman, CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), alongside key staff members. As part of the welcome, all participants were presented with Ghana branded hand-made wrist bands and in addition the leaders of the teams were decorated with beautiful hand-woven kente stoles.


The biking leg of the journey has seen fervent cyclists from across the expansive Lufthansa Group embarking on a challenging odyssey encompassing five stages. Their expedition commenced in Akosombo, a charming locale situated approximately 100 kilometers north of Accra, Ghana’s bustling capital. Meanwhile, the hiking contingent explored and camped at the scenic Shai Hills National Park and concluding alongside their biking counterparts in Akosombo.

On February 3rd, 2024, the cyclists embarked on their voyage with a scenic boat ride across the Akosombo River, before conquering the terrain with a rigorous ascent up the hills towards Ho. Simultaneously, the hikers commenced their day with an invigorating morning hike out of the serene Shai Hills Natural Reserve, their overnight abode. Transported to Amedzofe, Ghana’s highest village, the hikers embarked on two distinct 3-kilometer trails, one leading to Ote Falls and the other meandering through lush indigenous forests.

The following day saw the cyclists traversing a challenging uphill route from Ho to Biakpa, ultimately descending to their overnight sanctuary at Mountain Paradise in Biakpa, affording them a majestic vista of Mount Gemi. Subsequently, the cyclists embarked on a scenic descent from Mount Gemi, followed by a bus transfer to Mount Afadjato, where they partook in a local village tour, inclusive of a visit to a traditional distillery.

February 5th dawned with the cyclists conquering Mount Gemi, relishing a technical yet awe-inspiring downhill journey. A portion of the group paused en route to visit Leklebi Fiape Primary School, fostering memorable interactions with the enthusiastic school children. Following lunch and a brief respite at the Big Foot Safari Lodge, the group embarked on a 2.8-kilometer trek to the magnificent Wli Falls, where they rendezvoused with the hiking cohort for a joint aperitif. Amidst the backdrop of cascading Wli Falls, they exchanged anecdotes while sipping fresh coconuts, their campsite nestled near the falls’ base. A mesmerising spectacle ensued as thousands of bats emerged from the rocks, swirling overhead.

True to tradition, the expedition intertwines adventure with corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, in collaboration with help alliance, the aid organization of the Lufthansa Group. Concurrent with the sporting endeavours, participants will partake in Design Thinking workshops, fostering innovation and generating employment opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Notably, Bravehearts Expeditions LTD, a local enterprise specialising in tourism development in the Volta region, and Wasteman Ghana, a company dedicated to recycling plastic waste into sustainable materials, have been selected as CSR partners.
To ensure seamless coordination, dedicated support teams, inclusive of medical professionals and a media contingent, will accompany both biking and hiking groups, ensuring every moment of this extraordinary journey is captured and documented.

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GTA and COCOBOD Launch 2024 National Chocolate Week Celebrations

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The Ghana Tourism Authority in collaboration with COCOBOD and Cocoa Processing Company (CPC) will celebrate the National Chocolate Week under the theme “EAT CHOCOLATE, STAY HEALTHY, GROW GHANA” and sub themed: “EXPLORE GHANA, EAT CHOCOLATE ”.

Yesterday, the Ghana Tourism Authority, Ghana Cocoa Board and partners under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, launched the 2024 National Chocolate Week Celebration at the Accra Tourist Information Centre (ATIC).

This year’s celebration is under the theme: “Eat Chocolate🍫, Stay Healthy💪🏾, Grow Ghana 🇬🇭” and sub-theme, ‘Explore Ghana, Eat Chocolate’.


Launching the event on behalf of the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Seth Adjei Baah, Board Chairman of the Ghana Tourism Authority said “Ghana is Cocoa and Cocoa is Ghana” and there is the need for Ghanaians to acknowledge all players adding value to cocoa to help grow the economy of Ghana.


On his part, the CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr. Akwasi Agyeman asked Ghanaians to embrace cocoa and chocolate, and join in the efforts in positioning Ghana as a cocoa/chocolate destination.