SAMSAL Unveils An All-Inclusive ‘Discovery Wrist Band’ For The Final Phase Of Year Of Return Celebration

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Starting this November through to January of next year, the Discovery Wrist Band will give you access to about twenty top-notched events in Ghana.

The Year of Return celebration this year has led to massive global attention on Ghana and the rise in the patronage of products made in the country, since the beginning of the year, after the special announcement made by the President Nana Akufo-Addo. 2019 marks 400-years since the first batch of slaves were taken through the Door of No Return at Jamestown, Accra, Ghana and exported to Jamestown, Virginia, the United States to engage in hard labour activities.

A tall list of events has been held in the capital city and other parts of the country bringing Ghana’s rich and diverse cultural heritage to the limelight for the world to see and be part of. However, the excitement is yet to be over as December approaches, more of the event companies and organizers are scheduling for the festive season already, and there lies the need to create a medium that will connect events enthusiasts, tourists, visitors, diasporans and more to activities within the season.

SAMSAL company limited – a bespoke Ghanaian design agency founded by Salman Ali and Samson Adu, unveiled an all-inclusive premium access medium of connection to about twenty highly sought-after events and experiences from November 20th, 2019 to January 10, 2020, called Discovery Wrist Band. At the unveiling ceremony at Vine Lounge, Best Western Premier Accra Hotel, Airport Residential, Accra, the founding members of the Discovery Wrist Band explained to the media the serene level of comfortability that comes with owning the band, it gives first-hand information on all the selected events.

Visit Discovery Wrist Band to start placing your orders now.

”We are selling an experience, Discovery Wrist Band is about having an easy and fun December, covering events, transport services through our partnership with Bolt, and also gives you a direct transfer of money from your foreign account to local account to save you money”, Salma Ali said. We will be using more of online services to reach both Ghanaians and foreigners, the bands are being sold online, he added.

Among the twenty events, the company have also promised to bring huge musicians from Africa and other parts of the world as well. The list of events provided by the company includes Afro-Nation, Afrochella, Detty Rave, Polo Beach Club, X in the woods, V for Vanity art show, SLOL Mind, 11:59 Woods party, Butterfly, Accra art week, Sundaze, X in the Skies, Cote Royale in Sandbox, Tribal jungle party, Kokrobite beach party, Afro-train, Rosé Brunch Party, to mention but a few.

”The Discovery Wrist Band will help Ghanaians and diasporans to discover Ghana, its music, tourism and more. It’s a bigger picture and platform that will be unveiled in other African countries like Kenya, and more”, Samson Adu said.

Co-Founder of Samsal Company Limited, Samson Adu.

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First Regional Congress on Women Empowerment in the Tourism sector – Focus on Africa

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The Secretariat of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), presents its compliments to the Members of the UNWTO Commission for Africa, the Affiliate Members, International Organizations of the region as well as other recipients and has the honor to inform them of the hosting of the First Regional Congress on Women Empowerment in the Tourism sector – Focus on Africa to be held in the Accra International Conference Center (AICC) (new venue) in Accra from 25-27 November 2019 hosted by the Government of the Republic of Ghana.

It would be appreciated if the recipients of this note could save these dates in their agenda and take the necessary measures to ensure their participation to the event.

The Secretariat of the World Tourism Organization avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Members of the UNWTO Commission for Africa, the affiliate members and International Organizations of the region and other recipients, the assurances of its highest consideration.



Cocoa Ecotourism Initiative launched to promote Ghana’s cocoa as a tourism product

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The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has begun promoting what it describes as the “Cocoa Ecotourism Initiative” to leverage the many cocoa farms in the country as an attraction for tourists.

The initiative which adds to the country’s mix of varied tourism offerings will give tourists the opportunity to experience the processes involved in the production of Ghana’s famous cocoa.

Speaking to VoyagesAfriq on the sidelines of the maiden African Cocoa and Chocolate Expo in Accra last Friday, Product Development and Investment Manager, at the GTA, Ben Anane-Nsiah said the idea is to also exploit the cocoa value chain some more “by creating another stream of income for cocoa farmers who have farms that are good and solid to present the cocoa story in a credible way.”

Cocoa is Ghana’s biggest cash crop and the country currently produces about 900 thousand tons, making it the world’s second-largest producer of cocoa after Ivory Coast.

“We believe that cocoa is one of the defining products for Ghana and we should incorporate it into our tourism experience so that tourists will come to Ghana, just like you got to Japan and eat Sushi.

“So you come to Ghana and one of the things you must appreciate is that Ghana’s chocolate is something you must consume; and that is enforced if you have an experience of the whole gamut of practices from planting and so on,” Anane-Nsiah said.

He added that the Cocoa Ecotourism Initiative “will give our tourists a few more things to do when they are here and you can incorporate it in tour itineraries to any destination.”

Anane-Nsiah said GTA is partnering with farms that “we think are structured and are organised enough and we are willing to support those farmers to have good tour guides trained and oriented so that they can provide the information and the interpretation.”

By: Samuel Obeng Appah

Beauty of the arts

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Tourism in Ghana has rocketed beyond the borders of the country to the rest of the world. Fused with creativity, the tourism industry cuts across many things. From music, dance, food, fashion, the arts and the likes, Ghanaian art is reaching out to people who truly appreciate the Arts. The beauty of Arts is more than just admiring an artefact but the understanding and embracing of African heritage.

Creativity goes beyond borders these days where people are adopting ideas from all around the world. Sometimes we limit ourselves to how creative we can be.

However, everyone can be creative in their own ways. Some people have an innate ability to produce creative ideas without fail but others have to adopt ideas, personalize it to create their own creative credentials.

In the Arts, creativity is a much-appreciated effort. Much effort goes into producing a good piece. From paintings to sculpture making and other artefacts, the artist’s work becomes relevant when it catches the attention of people who appreciate good creativity.


Centring on the Arts, especially wooden sculpture making, it is evident that artists who make these crafts have special skills attached to their creativity.

Ghana is known for making great wooden sculptures, making the country popular around the world and attracting visitors and foreigners. The Arts Centre is a stop shop for all things arts you can think of. You can find things like wooden sculptures, ceramics, kente cloths, wood carvings, beads, paintings among other beautiful artefacts.

Wooden sculpture produced at the centre is an eye-catcher you can’t overlook. These handicrafts are made ready for your admiration.

Serving as a tourist site, the centre not only sells products but promotes the beautiful arts we have in Ghana.

Some artefacts like beads speak great volume in the Ghanaian society. It symbolises our rich culture and heritage. In Ghana, beads are not only a symbol of beauty but it plays a big role in the lives of the people. It’s the first set of jewellery every child is adorned with right after birth and also a person’s last adornment when they are being buried. Beads are beautiful and they have significant importance in African society. They are the expression of the creativity of our people.

The Kente cloth is a colourful hand-woven fabric that is worn by the people mostly on important occasions like weddings, engagement, festivals and the like. Ghana is recognised for the rich display of this cloth all over the world.  The length of creativity embedded in the weaving of this cloth and its colours tells the rich history and culture of the people. Such creative art has begotten us with beauty through generations.

Just to highlight a few of these beautiful artworks, the Arts industry has so much to offer to the world. In terms of music, dance, food, fashion and the likes, creativity and beauty of the arts is endless. Its warmth keeps you breathing.

Focusing on wooden sculpture making, the Arts industry is making waves with its indigenous production of locally made artefacts.


It is beautiful when you visit to see how some of these wooden sculptures are made. You get to know the procedure in making them and how they turn out after completion. Much goes into making these and the skilful artists don’t fall short in producing some of these amazing crafts.

The Art industry, specifically the crafts and handicraft industry, has created an avenue for creating employment for rural people skilful in that sector to contribute to the development of the tourism industry.

Creating employment and revenue to the tourism industry, the Arts in Ghana also promotes tourism by projecting African arts to the world. Moving beyond the shores of Africa, Ghanaian arts is making waves around the world.


The Arts in Ghana is not only about crafts but also a representation of the country in terms of culture and heritage. Arts in Ghana is a major factor in promoting African artistry and values to the world. Ghanaian arts have parachuted more deals for Ghana and therefore it has made tourism a key economic driver for the country.

However, Ghanaians are entreated to purchase and use African artefacts as a way of promoting tourism in the country. When we use these products, it will be easier to sell the culture and promote the country’s tourism. It’s about time we play our parts judiciously and help push tourism to greater heights.

Haven’t gotten any piece of Artefact yet? Don’t wait anymore. Visit the Arts Centre, next to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park in the heart of Accra to get some of these beautiful crafts. You can have some of them on the walls of your house, wear some and have them wherever you want.

These sculptures and crafts add some touch to wherever they are placed. And you can get them as gifts for your loved ones.

Promoting Tourism in Ghana is every Ghanaian’s piece of cake. Join the train of promoting African artistry. Tell someone to tell someone about the awesome things to discover in the world of Arts at the centre. There are so many things awaiting you. Explore and have fun.

Appreciate the beauty of the Arts in Ghana and Africa, and inspire your innermost creativity!

BY: Odoom Benedicta Gyamra / NSP / GTA /  Head-Office


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The Global African Family and the international community have focused their attention and lenses on Ghana as we celebrate the “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” marking 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were shipped from Jamestown, Accra and arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, USA in the year 1619. We are therefore commemorating the slave trade movement and celebrating African resilience. Despite the focus of the Ghana Tourism Authority on the “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” and other related activities to attract inbound tourists, domestic tourism still leads the way.

The Tourism month as declared by the Ghana Tourism Authority will be celebrated annually every September and aims at providing a heightened month-long focus on the importance of the sector to the Ghanaian economy. Tourism development in Ghana is comprehensively aimed at a broad and desirable range of domestic, sub-regional African and international tourists. The Government is pursuing quality tourism development that is internationally competitive and compatible with Ghana’s social values and environmental setting. Emphasis is being placed on tourism to help in the conservation of the country’s historical and environmental heritage.


Apart from the economic benefits, tourism is used to present Ghana’s unique cultural, historical and environmental heritage to the international community and to educate Ghanaians about their own heritage. The Government intends to use tourism as an alternative development strategy to help address broad national issues. The increasing number of tourists and the evolving profile of today’s traveller demands a host of new tourism offering and infrastructure projects. A wide spectrum of investment opportunities arises out of Ghana’s long­ term tourism plans.

it is said that “Charity begins at home”. To this end, the Authority initiated moves to whip up interest in domestic tourism and thus was dubbed “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana”. This innovative marketing strategy is to enable Ghanaians to appreciate their tourism, culture and creative arts potential and engender cross-cultural exchange amongst Ghanaians. It also serves as an opportunity to promote and sustain domestic tourism and create a culture of travel among Ghanaians. The Tourism month aims to encourage Ghanaians to travel domestically to get a better understanding of the hospitable and exciting tourist sites and attractions that are available at their own doorstep.


Available statistics by the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Department (RME) of the Ghana Tourism Authority indicates that visitations to attraction sites have increased drastically from 2015 to 2018. Some of which include the top ten sites – Kakum National Park, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Cape Coast Castle, Manhyia Palace Museum, Elmina Castle, Kumasi Zoo, Mole National Park, Shai Hills Resource Reserve, Nzulezu and Prempeh ll Jubilee Museum.


The Ghana Tourism Authority under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture endorse the milieu of festivals as one of the avenues for propagating our national culture for the development and deepening of its Tourism offering. As a nation, we celebrate festivals because they help us keep connected to our roots, our culture, our values, our origins and to preserve them. Festivals help people to come together to share a sense of enjoyment and relaxation of the time needed to bond with family members whom we never really see often enough. Many festivals are more or less religiously centred and thus at festival times, we come together in joyous thanksgiving to our God and whatever is the source of our faith.

This initiative by the Authority aims at adding colour to our traditional tourism calendar of events in Ghana and diversify our tourism activities and products and consequently increase international tourism arrivals and receipts for our country. In the face of stiff competition with other destinations in Africa and the world at large, it is imperative that we do things right to attract the needed tourists to Ghana in order to rake in the substantial foreign exchange and also derive the full benefits of tourism.


As we celebrate the World Tourism Day each year on 27th September,  the Tourism Month will, therefore, help to generate awareness on the enormous contribution that the Tourism industry makes to national economic growth and development and job creation. This year’s theme is “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future For All”.


It is important for the private sector Operators and the industry practitioners to embrace the initiative and drive the agenda in order to boost domestic tourism since the private sector worldwide is considered as the engine of growth and development in any progressive sector.


To the Global African Family and people of African descent, there are lots of investment opportunities also in the tourism industry in Ghana especially in the area of domestic tourism. We urge all to tap these opportunities to harness our tourism potentials and help build our African continent.


In-Service to God, Country and Humanity…“YOURS TRULY, THE PAN-AFRICANIST”






Tourism, a bedrock for national development

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The Ghana Tourism Authority was established by the Tourism Act, 2011 (Act 817). It replaced the Ghana Tourist Board which was established by NRCD 224 in 1973 as amended by SMCD 80 of 1977.

The Ghana Tourism Authority is the Public Service agency in charge of regulating tourism in Ghana through marketing and promoting, licensing and classification of tourism facilities and services, research and other tourism developmental projects.

The mission of the Ghana Tourism Authority is to ensure sustainable tourism development through the creation of enabling environment for the provision of quality tourism facilities and services – like the National Theatre, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, W.E.B Du Bois Centre, Ghana Museums and Monuments Board as well as many others for the travelling public with a well-qualified, highly motivated and dedicated workforce.

As the main implementing agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, its functions include the regulation of tourism enterprises namely accommodation, catering, travel and tour, charter operations, through registering, inspecting licensing and classification. Also the promotion of tourism in Ghana and abroad, including the publication of tourism publicity and promotional materials, participation in fairs and exhibition.

Ghana as an African country has a long stable democracy and healthy economy that makes it a safe place and an all-weather travel destination for all and sundry. From our rich Ghanaian cuisines and languages to our culture and beautiful tourist sites/attractions is definitely inevitable to yearn for an expedition.

Some key priorities to augment tourism’s role in preserving and promoting Ghana’s culture includes the need for championing cultural tourism, for instance by closely integrating cultural tourism policies and planning.

Again, safeguarding tangible cultural heritage by closely monitoring the capacity of cultural sites and destinations and also engaging local communities and hence revitalise the creative arts, historic buildings and even entire neighbourhoods- for example, promoting promising avenues like food or culinary tourism.

With the above said, tourism, therefore, contributes significantly to our economic growth worldwide. As a sector, it is the third-largest contributor to global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of tourism arrivals at an exponential rate indicating that tourism offers jobs for a range of individuals from low skilled to highly skilled workers.

In Ghana, the tourism sector can boast of numerous industries within the value chain including accommodation, medical centres, agriculture, aviation, entertainment and public transport.

Tourism is more than, being a mere part of the global economy thus specifically seem like a means of furthering inclusive growth that is about increasing opportunities from all, based on the principles of equity and leaving nothing behind. As a people-centred activity, tourism plays a role in spearheading inclusiveness particularly for under-represented groups – including women, the youth and those with special needs.

The myriad between tourism and culture contributes to inclusive, sustainable development that presents notable opportunities for safeguarding Ghana’s cultural heritage including initiatives to restore traditions across various regions. To sum it up, effective governance policy and tool is the bedrock for sustainable development.

As a collaborative effort, the tourism industry is the face of the nation and has a great future as it helps produce results when partnerships are formed between international organizations, government department forums, civil societies, local communities to mention a few. This, therefore, supports that Tourism is a bedrock for national development.

Dosu Edith Elorm, NSP-GTA

[email protected]

Video: ‘Come to Ghana’ – Sarkodie appeals after winning BET Hip Hop award

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Rapper Sarkodie has urged African-Americans to come home as Ghana marks the Year of Return this year.

The rapper made the appeal after emerging the first winner of the Best International Flow at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards.

The most decorated musician in Ghana’s music history beat Falz (Nigeria), Ghetts (U.K.), Kalash (France), Lil Simz (U.K.), Nasty C (South Africa), Tory Lanez (Canada) to be the first act to win that award.

While receiving the award at a ceremony which was taped at the Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Center on October 5, Sarkodie used the opportunity to urge patrons and the world to visit Ghana.

“This year is the Year of Return and I will urge each one of you here to take a trip back home….it’s going down in Ghana so if you are coming to Africa choose Ghana,” he said.

This year marks exactly 400 years since the first black slaves landed in Jamestown Virginia in the U.S.

The initiative urges Africans in the diaspora to come back home and so far, it has seen an impressive array of celebrities, including Steve Harvey, make their way to Ghana to explore, learn and appreciate their roots.

Sarkodie also dedicated the award to his daughter, Adalyn Owusu Addo (Titi).

“I want to say a big thank you to the almighty God, to my family. This one is for my little girl (Titi)…”

He also gave shout outs to singer Akon with whom he has an interesting history with.

Sarkodie was never signed to Konvict Music – Akon


This will not be the ‘Illuminati’ rapper’s first nomination at an awards scheme organised by BET.

He has been nominated three times – in 2012, 2014 and 2015 – for the BET Awards in the ‘Best International Act’ category. He jointly won the award in 2012 with Nigerian musician Wizkid.

With over 81 awards from 148 nominations to his credit, the rapper is unmatched in the Ghanaian music space and he is adding BET Hip Hop Awards plaque to his impressive collection of laurels.

The 2019 edition of the BET Hip Hop Awards made a return to Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Center after vacationing in Miami for the last two years.

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‘Year of Return’ Will Help Grow Our Economy – Akufo-Addo

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President Akufo-Addo has expressed optimism the ‘Year of Return’ will foster growth for the Ghanaian economy.

The President who was speaking at the Ghana Uk Based awards, GUBA, in Manhattan, New York said the idea of the ‘Year of Return’ is to unite the African continent through partnership as well as make a commitment towards economic prosperity.

“One of the things that it does for me is to tell me how lucky I am when I look at the diversity of talents that have been on show tonight, how lucky I am to be President of a country that produces such talents. People have asked me why I have decided to call this year, the year of return. The reasons are straight forward.”

“It is 400 years ago that the first 20 West Africans landed as slaves in Jamestown, Virginia. The door which they went through mostly from Ghana had on it, the door of no return. I think after 400 years of resilience of the black people here despite all the horrors and the tragedy that they have been through, they should be able to come back to the continent for the 400 anniversary to show the triumph over adversity that represents the black people of America and Caribbean,” he said.

The President also added that the ‘Year of Return’ is to serve as a reminder to make a commitment not allow such a horror to happen again.

President Akufu Addo also commended GUBA Enterprise for hosting the event in the United States of America which he says is significant for the ‘Year of Return.’

Other speakers including the African Union’s ambassador to the United States Arikana Chihombori-Quao charged African leaders to prioritize job creation to prevent young entrepreneurs from leaving the continent in search of greener pastures abroad.

She was hopeful the African Continental Free Trade will accelerate intra-African trade to boost the continents trade position globally.

The 2019 Guba awards was held for the first time after 10 years in New York, US.

The event attracted personalities including Finance minister, Ken Ofori-Attah, Trades minister Alan Kyeremanteng, Education minister, Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Minister for Information Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and other prominent personalities across the African continent and the business community in the diaspora.

Distinguished Ghanaian individuals and organizations were honoured for their contributions to socio-economic growth both at home and abroad.


Rosa Whitaker – Excellence in African Socio-Economic Advancement Award

Right to Dream USA – Charity of the Year

Influential Artist of the Year – Kwame Akoto-Bamfo

Dr. Ave Kludze – Innovation in Science & Technology.

Ghana Physicians & Surgeons Foundation – Ghanaian Association of the Year


Dr Oheneba Boachie-Adjei – Exceptional Contribution to Medicine Award

Dr Thomas Mensah – GUBA Technological Achievement Award

Patrick Gyimah Awuah Jr. – Exemplary Achievement in Education Award

Nancy Abu-Bonsrah – Young Woman in Medicine Award

Simon Fuller – Public Service Award

Nicholas Jason Osei Buamah – Young and Talented Award

Rachel Naa-Du Laryea – Student Excellence Award

Daphne Mashile-Nkosi – Industrious African Woman Award

Richelieu Dennis – Editorial Excellence Award

Mary Spio – African Innovator of the Year Award

President Akufo-Addo also received a citation for his efforts in Diaspora mobilisation.

This year’s awards was focused on the sustainable development goal 17 which is to revitalize the global partnership.

CEO of GUBA Enterprise Dentaa Amoateng who described this year’s awards as a tremendous success is hopeful the event will attract more business collaborations back home.


FASHION Aphia Sakyi Outdoors Year of Return Fashion Line Dubbed ‘Still I Rise’

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Having toured fashion shows across the globe and collaborated with American celebrities;  Ciara,  Tiffany Haddish and Janet  Jackson, award-winning Ghanaian fashion designer  Aphia Sakyi is set to introduce her latest accessory collection,  dubbed  ‘STILL  I  RISE’.

When asked what inspired this new fashion line,  Aphia quoted a famous liberation quote enshrined on the walls of the Elmina  Castle.

She  averred in  a  very  calm  tone,  “In  everlasting  memory  of  the  anguish  of  our  ancestors,  our  latest collection  labeled  ‘STILL  I  RISE’  tells  the  story  of  African  humanity  through  our  luxurious  accessory pieces.”

May those who died, rest in peace. 
May those who return, find their roots. 
May they never again perpetrate such injustice against humanity. We the living, vow to uphold this.

The new collection, according to Aphia is intended to honour black liberators of African descent in commemoration of the Year of Return.

Aphia hopes this new collection will afford her further global impact and compliment her long-time conviction of supporting talented but needy fashion designers to materialize their ambitions. 


Tourism Ministry represents at biggest international tourism forum in West Africa

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The Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr. Iddi Ziblim, has commended organisers of arguably the biggest international tourism and aviation event in West Africa, ‘Akwaaba’.

The Minister, who represented Ghana for the first time at the 15th edition of the international event hosted in Lagos, Nigeria, said his expectation had been exceeded.

“I never thought that Akwaaba is this big. I just thought it was a Ghana-Nigeria something,” he said excitedly.

Dr. Ziblim praised Akwaaba African Travel Market (AFTM), the organisers, for nurturing the event to be able to host several African and some non-African countries yearly. He believed the platform was a good one for the African continent.

He also expressed hope that the sister event of ‘Akwaaba’ here in Ghana named ‘Accra Weizo’ would rise steadily to the former’s status. Accra Weizo, the brainchild of the same organisers, has been in existence for five years and also brings together all players within the tourism industry to the capital.

Accra Weizo, which brought on board the government through the Ghana Tourism Authority this year, according to the Minister, “has a lot to learn from them (Akwaaba)”.

The Minister was also as a panel on the discussion on how African countries can reach out to its diaspora.

In speaking on the topic ‘Relationship between Africa and the diaspora; actions, challenges and the future,’ he used the opportunity to elaborate on the government’s initiative to declare the year 2019 as a Year of Return. He extolled it as a perfect platform to reach out to diasporas, giving them the opportunity to get in touch with their roots.

The Akwaaba African Travel Market (AFTM) is an international travel, hospitality and tourism event organised in Lagos annually. The event provides businesses, investors, professionals and buyers in the industry in the African region, to network and trade.

It also serves as a platform to impart knowledge and relevant information on trending developments within the industry. Organised by Akwaaba Travel Limited, AFTM is the most recognised travel market in West Africa.

Organiser, Ikechi Uko, explains that the word ‘Akwaaba’ which in the Akan language translates welcome, was chosen because of its predominance on the entire continent. According to him, the event needed a name that resonated with all Africans who are the primary targets of the event.

Source: Myjoyonline