Exploring Funeral Tourism In Ghana: Honoring Traditions And Celebrating Culture

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Funeral tourism is a unique and increasingly popular form of tourism that allows individuals from different cultures and backgrounds to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse traditions associated with funerals around the world. Ghanaian funerals are not only solemn occasions for bidding farewell to loved ones but also colorful celebrations that reflect the culture, beliefs, and heritage of the people.

The Significance of Funerals in Ghanaian Culture

Funerals in Ghana are deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of the society and hold immense cultural, social, and spiritual significance. Ghanaians believe in celebrating the life of the deceased and honoring their memory through elaborate ceremonies that often last for several days. These ceremonies provide an opportunity for family and community members to come together, share their grief, and pay their respects.

Ghanaian funerals are often characterized by lively music, vibrant dance, and colorful attire. The celebratory atmosphere is intended to reflect the belief that the departed individual has transitioned to the ancestral world and is still a part of the community.

The Peculiarities of Ghanaian Funerals

Ghanaian funerals are known for their distinctive characteristics and rituals. The duration of the mourning period, the type of rituals performed, and the specific practices can vary based on factors such as the ethnic group, region, and social status of the deceased. However, some common elements are present across various Ghanaian funerals:

  1. Duration of the Funeral:

   – Ghanaian funerals can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the family’s wishes and cultural practices. The duration allows family members and the community to gather, mourn, and celebrate the life of the departed.

  1. Traditional Attire:

   – Mourners often wear specially designed funeral attire which is usually adorned with symbolic patterns and motifs. The colors and designs of the attire may signify the relationship between the mourner and the deceased.

  1. Funeral Rites and Ceremonies:

   – Ceremonies often involve pouring libations, symbolic gestures, and prayers. Traditional priests or spiritual leaders play a vital role in guiding these ceremonies.

  1. Music and Dance:

   – Music and dance are fundamental elements of Ghanaian funerals, providing a sense of celebration amidst the sorrow. Local bands and drummers perform traditional rhythms, and people dance to honor the departed.

  1. Display of Wealth:

   – The family of the deceased often showcases their status and affluence during the funeral, through lavish displays, food, and entertainment for attendees.

Attracting Tourists: Understanding Funeral Tourism in Ghana

Funeral tourism in Ghana has gained traction over the years, attracting both local and international visitors interested in experiencing the unique cultural festivities associated with Ghanaian funerals. These tourists are eager to engage with the culture, witness the vibrant ceremonies, and gain a deeper understanding of the role funerals play in Ghanaian society.

  1. Cultural Exchange:

   – Funeral tourism allows visitors to engage in a cultural exchange by participating in traditional Ghanaian rituals, learning about the beliefs surrounding death and the afterlife, and gaining insights into the art and craft associated with funerals.

  1. Educational Experience:

   – Tourists can learn about the history, traditions, and beliefs of the Ghanaian people through firsthand experiences at funerals. This educational aspect provides a unique and enriching experience for travelers.

  1. Economic Impact:

   – Funeral tourism contributes to the local economy by generating revenue for businesses involved in hospitality, transportation, catering, and event planning. Additionally, artisans and craftsmen benefit from the sale of funeral-related items.

  1. Promoting Ghana’s Tourism Industry:

   – By promoting funeral tourism, Ghana can attract more tourists, boost tourism revenue, and establish itself as a culturally diverse and vibrant travel destination.


Funeral tourism in Ghana is a fascinating and culturally enriching experience that allows individuals to immerse themselves in the unique and vibrant traditions associated with Ghanaian funerals. Through this form of tourism, visitors not only pay their respects to the departed but also gain a deeper appreciation for the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Ghana.

As the world becomes more interconnected and travelers seek authentic and immersive experiences, funeral tourism in Ghana is poised to grow, contributing to the flourishing tourism industry and promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

By Johnny Arthur-Quarm

(Ghana Tourism Authority)

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Domestic Travel, A Key To Ghana’s Tourism Revival – Alisa Asamoah

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The current Coronavirus pandemic has necessitated the need for us to focus our attention to the domestic market for Ghana’s tourism growth.


Like most countries around the world, Ghana’s tourism received a heavy battering following the onset of the pandemic. Just when the sector was set to see a turnaround with the highly successful ‘Year of Return,’ the advent of Coronavirus which in most cases, halted travel across countries and continents, unfortunately, rolled back the numbers and receipts.

Since then it has become necessary for government to introduce measures to cushion operators and industry players who have been at the receiving end of the harsh realities of the pandemic on the tourism sector. In addition, government has had to find ways of ensuring continuity of Ghana’s tourism industry which has ultimately shifted attention to domestic tourism. Leading the charge in this regard, is the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) which has found several innovative and creative ways of selling Ghana to its citizens to promote and increase local travels to the many tourist attractions spread across the country.

The latest and current initiative, #ExperienceGhana #ShareGhana is a rallying call on all citizens to see the beautiful land of warmth, culture and rhythm. The acquisition of the double-decker coach for city tours is already adding to the enthusiasm that has so far characterized the launch of the new campaign.


For us as the Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA), we feel proud to be lending our support to the implementation of such noble initiatives. As a body whose overall mandate is to take people to experience and enjoy our attractions, we believe that we shoulder a sizable amount of the responsibility as far as the realization of the greater goal of driving at least one million Ghanaians yearly to tourist sites as espoused by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal is concerned.



It is not lost on us what the repercussion of the attainment of this ambitious target could be to the socio-economic growth of the country. And that is why we continue to wholeheartedly embrace and partner stakeholders in rolling out programmes that inure to the benefit of the domestic tourism agenda.

Since November last year, TOUGHA has embarked on tours to the Ashanti, Eastern and Central regions to update themselves of the current state of tourist sites in these areas. In doing so, the Union has also got to know less-known yet exciting sites that could be incorporated in our tour packages.

We are resolved to continue organizing these tours until we explore all 16 regions of Ghana. Beyond this, we feel particularly happy to be engaging the Ministry, GTA and other relevant agencies to put together tour packages at reduced and competitive rates for all and sundry.

We urge all sister tourism trade associations to follow in our example and come up with initiatives to drive and deepen domestic tourism. We are of the firm belief that domestic tourism is the cornerstone to building the resilience that the tourism industry has always been known for and we will continue to play our part in ensuring that Ghana becomes a preferred destination for her citizens and visitors across the world.

By: Alisa Osei-Asamoah
President, Tour Operators Union of Ghana

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President To Launch Domestic And Regional Tourism Campaign To Stimulate The Tourism Industry

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ACCRA: 31ST MAY, 2021 

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the Ghana Tourism Authority, the Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) and other tourism industry players will launch a Domestic and Regional Tourism Campaign on Tuesday, 1st June, 2021 at the Labadi Beach Hotel.


The campaign which is designed to accelerate the pace of tourism recovery through a renewed focus on domestic and regional markets will be launched by H.E. Nana Akufo Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana. It will create awareness, boost domestic tourism expenditure and revive  culture of travel among Ghanaians. Key industry players including the Tourism Trade Associations, Media, Diplomats, Parliamentarians and several other public figures will be in attendance. The event will be streamed LIVE on the Ghana Tourism Authority Facebook page (@ghanatourismauthority).


The campaign is themed: #EXPERIENCEGHANA #SHAREGHANA.


As part of the campaign, industry stakeholders are offering discounted packages including tours, accommodation, transportation and mouth-watering prizes to enable the public experience all that Ghana has to offer in terms of tourism. Some of the activities earmarked include:

  • Travel Share and Win Campaign where people are expected to travel to anywhere in Ghana and share their photos and videos on social media to get a chance to win prizes. Other activities include:
  • Discover, Write and Win
  • PANAFEST/Emancipation
  • Taste of Ghana (Gastronomy Fair)
  • Meet In Ghana Travel Show
  • See Ghana on STC and VIP coaches
  • December-In-Gh.

The campaign is expected to run for the next 18 months.


Ghana Tourism Authority

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3 films on Heritage and Culture in Ghana launched by French Embassy

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The Embassy of France in Ghana have officially premiered the airing of 3 animation films that were produced under the framework of the Sankofa support Project to higher education and research in Heritage and Tourism in Ghana.

These animation films encourage the promotion and dissemination of research findings on Ghanaian heritage to the general public. The film launch was made online through a webinar and live on social media. The short animation films were written and created by Ghanaian archaeology and heritage researchers in collaboration with Ghanaian animation film studios and a French animated series.

The 3 films that were shown and presented were:

1. Salvage Archaeology

Salvage Archaeology, 60 sec, by Edward Nyarko (University of Ghana Researcher – Script) and Indigene X (Ghanaian Animation Studio – Production) Information and awareness-raising spot about the importance of preserving Ghanaian heritage and archaeological artefacts. Available in English, Fanti, Ewe, Hausa & Ga languages.


2. Fort Amsterdam

Fort Amsterdam, 5 min, by Kojo Derban (Architect and University of Ghana Researcher – Script) and Animax FYB (Ghanaian Animation Studio – Production) The construction of a European Fort, Fort Amsterdam, on the Gold Coast (Ghana), in the 17th Century, from an architect’s perspective. Available in English, French, Fanti, Ewe, Hausa & Ga languages. Fort Amsterdam is one of the 28 Forts and Castles registered in Ghana as a World Heritage site under the UNESCO 1972 Convention for their Outstanding Universal Value. According to UNESCO: « The Castles and Forts of Ghana shaped not only Ghana’s history but that of the world over four centuries as the focus of first the gold trade and then the slave trade. They are a significant and emotive symbol of European-African encounters and of the starting point of the African Diaspora.


3. Begho a market town in 16th century West Africa

Begho a market town in 16th century West Africa: Begho, a market town in 16th century, West Africa, 7 min, by Daniel Kumah and Victoria Aryee (University of Ghana Researchers – Script) and Past and Curious (French animated series on archeology – Production) and Animax FYB (Ghanaian Animation Studio – Productions). A discovery of the Begho market, in West Africa, in the 16th century, through the eyes of a little girl named Kasi. Begho is a former market city, at the crossroads of several trade routes, which was occupied between the 11th and 18th centuries. As such, it is mentioned and documented in many early writings about West Africa and pre-colonial Ghana and oral tradition. Available in English, French, Asanti Twi, Ewe, Dagbani & Ga.


The creators of the films briefly explained their ideas and mindset behind the movies whilst the animation studios also gave insights into what the production of the films entailed. They were thankful to all stakeholders who played a part in the making of the films and also expressed their joy in sharing with Ghanaians and the world at large, stories that lie within Ghana’s heritage and culture.

The films were translated into 8 languages (English, French, Asante Twi, Fante Twi, Ewe, Ga, Dagbani, Hausa) to be easily accessible to a Ghanaian audience. The films will be uploaded onto main video platforms and social media and interested parties can have access to these educative films for free.

IndigenX and AnimaxFYB, the two Ghanaian studio who produced the films, were the first Ghanaian studios to be selected in Annecy’s animation film festival competition, the biggest animation film festival in the world, hosted every year in Annecy, France, respectively in 2019 and 2021.

This films were made possible with the financial support of the Embassy of France in Ghana through the Sankofa support project to higher education and research in heritage and tourism.

In attendance of the film launch was the Ambassador of France to Ghana H.E. Ms. Anne Sophie Avé, the Director of the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board Mr. Ivor Agyeman–Duah, the Representative of UNESCO Ghana Mr. Abdourahamane Diallo, partners of the Sankofa project and other high-profile stakeholders from around the world.

Watch the three animations in multiple languages by clicking on the links below to access the playlists:



Source: French Embassy Ghana

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Domestic Tourism Promotion – Kaya Tours Give Ghanaians Memorable Keta Experience

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Kaya Tours Ghana over the May Day weekend holiday embarked on another Experiential two (2 ) days trip to Keta , in the Volta Region.
Patrons were drawn from Kumasi and Accra totaling 25 persons for the getaway experience.


Since every good domestic tourism product must be sustainable and beneficial to the host community, kaya Tours ensured the engagement of local indigenous people in the service delivery.

On the first night of the stay , about 30 boborbor cultural troup displayed a two hours performance amidst folktales by an elderly man who narrated the history and the emergence of Anlo and Ewe people in present day Anloga , Keta , Agbozume etc along the beach with bonfire.


It was very refreshing as the patrons were treated on local cocktail drinks and treats such as Asana , Sobolo , Lamugin , aduule, nkate cake etc.

The night experience along the white sandy clean beach of Keta betwixt with massage was enchanting.

On the second day , the revellers woke up to aerobics and beach games before breakfast.

There are forty eight forts and castles in Africa with forty four dotted along the coastline of Ghana. The group visited Fort Prinzenstein built by Danish traders in 1784 for defensive purposes after the Sagbadre War against the Anlo Ewe and to keep the area safe from other colonial powers.
This is a place filled with the Black Africa Slave trade way back and still holds historical background and monuments as well.

Keta has lots of awesome tourist attractions including the Woe lighthouse also known as Cape St. Paul Lighthouseon the beach that guides sailors.

The group enjoyed the fabulous views from reportedly the oldest lighthouse in the country making climbing it an interesting if somewhat daunting adventure.

Speaking to the media Mr. Abeiku Aggrey Santana entreated Traditional Authorities , Government and Private stakeholders in tourism to come together and work for the interest of our country.

He lamented that , Tourism is Private sector driven and as a result government must support tourism players with incentives to promote domestic tourism.

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Kempinski, Azmera, Land Tours & Tang Palace retain titles at National Tourism Award

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November 6, 2020, Accra

Several tourism industry players were awarded at the 13th National Tourism Awards held on Friday November 6, 2020 at the National Theatre.

It was a night that celebrated personaliites who have contributed to or excelled in the tourism industry in the year 2019.

This year’s celebration which was under the theme: ‘Growing Tourism Beyond The Return, COVID-19’, saw several awardees and individual from across the country troup to the National Theatre in their beautiful Ghanaian apperals.

Kempinski Hotel (Gold Coast City) emerged the 2019 5-Star Hotel of the Year for the 2nd year running while Tang Palace Hotel also emerged the 4-Star Hotel of the year also for the second consecutive year.

The National Theatre the venue for the event was replete in depiction of various tourism products in the country. The entrance was set to depict the entrance of the famouns Larabanga Mosque. Within the foyer of the National Theatre was a miniature walkway depicting the Kakum canopy walkway. There were crocodiles also depicting the Paga Crocodile pond and Hans cottage friendly crocodiles.


Serving as backdrop backdrop for the beautiful performances and presentations was a presentation of the Kwame Nkrumah memorial park which to complete the warm and welcoming tourism environment of the night.

The event was chaired by Daasebre Anyimadu Katamanto II, Kwabenghene / Okyeman Gyaasehene who called for the re-introduction of local foods like Apapransa in the menu of restaurants and hotel sto boost domestic tourism.


Hon. Akosua Frema Osei opare, Chief of Staff who was the Guest of honour and keynote speaker lauded the efforts of the tourism Ministry and the Ghana Tourism Authority in the fight agaist corona and efforts to revive the industry. She pledged governments continuous effort to support the industry.

Addressing the audience the sector Minister outlined the several steps taken by the Ministry to suopport the tourism industry which was most hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. She expressed hope of the sector bouncing back due to its great potential and capability in revitalising economic growth in Ghana.

On his part, CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), organisers of the event, urged industry players to join GTA to pull resources together to help revampt and develop the industry beyond COVID-19.


Culture, warmth and rhythm was at play all night and was lazed with beautiful stage performances by Foster Romanos, a Comedian and the reggae dance hall king Samini who treated the audience to great dance tunes from his repertoire.


Popular communication experts and media personality George Quaye, more popularly known as Aboagye of Taxi Driver fame was the MC for the day.


Below is a full list of awards winners


5-Star – Kempinski Hotel (Gold Coast City)  – Accra

4 Star – Tang Palace Hotel – Accra

3 Star – Aqua Safari Resort – Ada

2 Star – Grace Garden Hotel – Takoradi

1 Star – Asantewaa Premier Hotel – Fumesua, Kumasi

Guest House – West Wing Guest House – Spintex

Budget Hotel – Almond Tree Guest House – Elmina

Serviced Apartments – Red Mango – Takoradi

Hostel – Banvillas Hostel – Kentinkrono



Food & Beverage

Restaurant Grade 1 – Azmera Restaurant – Roman Ridge

Restaurant Grade 2 – Buka Restaurant – Osu

Restaurant Grade 3 – Hot Ernesto Restaurant – Takoradi

Fast Food – Papaye – Spintex Road

Airline Catering Services – Servair – Airport – Accra

Drinking Bar – Treasures Pub – Haatso

Traditional Catering – Agbenorxevi Chop Bar – Ho

Night Club/Pub – Crescendo Lounge & Pub – Labone


Land Tours won Tour Company for 3rd consecutive time



Travel Trade

Tour Operator – Land Tours – Accra

Travel Agent – Satguru Travels – Osu

Car Rentals – Atlas Rent – A – Car, Dansoman

Airline Of The Year – Air France – Klm

Site Guide – Robert Morgan Mensah, Cape Coast Castle

Tour Guide – Yao Dzide Freelance, Accra

Visitor Attraction – Cape Coast Castle, Cape Coast

Tourism Writer Of The Year – Samuel Obeng-Appah, Voyage Afriq

Tourism Broadcast Programme – UTV Heritage Ghana, United Television


Tourism Oriented Media

Television – TV3

Radio – Okay Fm

Print – The Mirror

Online – Voyage Afriq


Consistent Payment Of Tourism Levy – Accommodation

White Sands Beach Resort & Spa – Gomoa Fetteh – Winner

Consistent Payment Of Tourism Levy – Food & Beverage

Moti Mahal Restaurant – Asokwa – Winner


Diaspora Affairs Office (OOP) was awarded for contribution to Year of Return


Honorary Awards

  1. Osabarima Kwesi Atta Ii Parmount Chief, Oguaa Traditional Area.
  2. Nana Kodwo Kondua Vi Parmount Chief, Edina Traditional Area.
  3. Kofi Akpabli – Tourism / Travel Writer.
  4. Hon. Mohammed Adjei Sowah Mayor Of Accra.
  5. Miss Delphine Brew- Hammond(Miss Tourism Ghana)
  6. Sunseekers Travel & Tours
  7. The Adinkra, Washington Dc
  8. Panafest Foundation – Cape Coast
  9. Diaspora Affairs, Office Of The President
  10. Media Majique And Research System, Accra
  11. Kids In Tourism
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Rider Rally Launched – To Start On Independence Day

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Fever Pitch, a Sports Development and Talent Management Company, Ghana Tourism Development Company (GTDC) and the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) have launched the maiden edition of the Rider Rally at a short ceremony.

Rider Rally is a series of long-distance Motor Bike endurance events of similar distances over intentionally mapped routes, meandering on asphalted roads, dirt-roads, foot-paths, hilly & mountainous terrain, forest reserves with custom-pit-stops at strategic Tourist sites. The maiden cross country Biking event comes off on Independence day, 6th March and it starts from Ghana – Togo Border at Aflao and ends at Ghana – Cote D’Ivoire border at Elubo on the 9th March. The three (3) day event is to serve as a precursor for a 13-week Biking Expedition which is expected to be climaxed at the end of May 2020. The mapped route for the Bikers will include Tourist sites and communities where Bikers will engage in culturally immersive activities.


Speaking at the launch, the CEO of the Ghana Tourism Development Company indicated his outfit’s and that of Tourism Authority’s readiness to support unique but exciting sports tourism product. He said the growing interest in the sport by the middle class bodes well for the sport and it was for this reason of using the sport to promote Tourism and specifically Tourist sites that the GTDC and GTA came on board to support the event referencing the Ghana – Centre of the World Golf Tournament, another Sports Tourism product.

Mr. Daniel Ashrifie, a Biker and a Biking Instructor said he is on a mission to change the perception about Biking and Bikers in society hence his Biking training school and also advocated for responsible Biking. He commended his colleague Biker, Thomas Esiape Jnr aka JET for spearheading the Bikerslivesmatter initiative which is shaping the masses by doing the necessary to get into the inherent cognitive and perceptual powers of the mind of non-bikers who see Bikers as hazardous or dangers to society, criminals and hooligans.

In attendance were Bikers including pretty actress Nikki Samonas and Biker Groups. There were solidarity messages from Stephanie Benson and other celebrity Bikers. Balloting was done for the Teams taking part in the first event on Independence Day.

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Year Of Return: President Akufo-Addo Confers Ghanaian Citizenship On 126 Diasporans

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The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on Wednesday, 27th November 2019, conferred Ghanaian citizenship on 126 Diasporans, who have lived in Ghana for many years.

Speaking after the conferment ceremony, President Akufo-Addo stated that “I am glad you have decided to make Ghana your home, and thereby, join several generations of Diasporans, who committed their lives to us.”



He noted that several persons, including the likes of George Padmore, Bob Marley’s widow, Rita, Maya Angelou, and W.E.B du Bois all found homes in Ghana, with the latter buried in the country.

With the ceremony being part of the series of activities commemorating the ‘Year of Return’, the President stated that Ghana recognizes her position as the location for 75 per cent of the slave dungeons built on the West coast of Africa, through which the slaves were transported.


“That is why we had a responsibility to extend a hand of welcome back home to Africans in the diaspora. Many have responded to this call, and the ‘Year of Return’ has so far proven to be a joyful and learning experience all round for all of us,” he said.

To the 126 Diasporans, the President urged them to respect and abide by the laws of Ghana and live in accordance with the tenets of Ghana’s Constitution.


“You have the responsibility of preserving and promoting the image of a country whose reputation, amongst the comity of nations, is, today, high. You are citizens of a country that is regarded as one of the most stable on the continent, a beacon of democracy, governed by the rule of law and respect for individual liberties, human rights and the principles of democratic accountability, as a result of the commendable acts and deeds of past and present generations of your fellow Ghanaians,” he said.


The President continued, “In all your actions, I urge you to guard jealously our country’s image. It is a charge, I am confident, you will uphold. In doing so, I suggest that to facilitate the process of re-integration, you learn at least one Ghanaian language of your choice – Akan, Ewe, Ga, Dagbani, Hausa, or Nzema, amongst others.”

President Akufo-Addo urged them also to be engaged fully in the realization of the vision of a Ghana Beyond Aid.

“Simply put, I just want us to be self-confident, and accept that we shall never reach the level of development we aspire to by relying on aid or external assistance, no matter how generous. It is a mindset that I wish us to discard, a mindset of dependency and living on handouts,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo, in concluding, paid tribute to the late Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey, Jake to others, who, as Minister for Tourism and Diasporan Relations under the Government of the 2nd President of the 4th Republic, the outstanding Ghanaian statesman, His Excellency John Agyekum Kufuor, championed the cause for the return of descendants of the slave trade to their homes of origin.

“He instituted the “Joseph Project”, whose aim was to reconcile and unite the African peoples, on the continent and in the Diaspora, and to release their energies to help build Africa and the Caribbean. This ceremony would be a happy moment for him,” he added.

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Photos: Year Of Return Kumasi Carnival Held

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Over the weekend the maiden Global African Diaspora Kumasi Carnival 2019 was held in Kumasi. There was so much energy and the connection between the Caribbean Diaspora and local Ghanaians was strong. Powerful words were spoken by many about staying connected.

Supporting the event was Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK who said for her “Ghana feels like home”.

This is the first, and organisers hope to continue it as an annual event and celebration that attracts travellers every year.

A group from Suriname was there and made some strong statements about coming back home to Ghana and wanting to be embraced by Ghana.

Just before the procession began, the Suriname group wanted to express themselves.

It carnival procession ended with Street Fair and a variety show in the evening.

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Year Of Return: Ghana’s Ambassador To The US Visits Speaker Pelosi Ahead of Historical Trip

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Ahead of the historic trip to Ghana, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, met with Ghana’s Ambassador to the United States, H.E. Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, at her office in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

The speaker extended an invitation to Ghana’s Ambassador to review key matters regarding the upcoming trip.


In his remarks, Ambassador Adjei-Barwuah touched on Ghana’s existing relationship with the United States, and the need to enhance the friendship between the two countries. “Ghana is very excited about this trip, and for us, it’s a call to open a new page to ensure a better relationship.”

On her part, Speaker Pelosi expressed her deepest gratitude to the President and the people of Ghana for commemorating 400 years of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Jamestown, Virginia. “We go on many trips, but nothing compares to this one. We feel a special connection because of our history. The historical nature of commemorating 400 years of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans makes this trip special. Truly, this trip strikes to the heart” the Speaker said.


The visit will include a tour of some of Ghana’s historic slave-trading ports including Elmina and Cape Coast Dungeons, the Slave Heritage site at Assin Manso which houses the remains of slave ancestors brought down from the United States including a former U.S. Naval officer, Samuel Carson among others. A forty-member delegation will accompany the Speaker on this trip including members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Ambassador was accompanied by Joseph Ngminebayihi, Head of Consular Department, Kofi Tonto, Head of Information & Public Affairs and Bernard Acquah, First Secretary/Political Affairs.

Source: Embassy of Ghana, USA

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